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Activities to keep the kids busy this Easter

Activities to keep the kids busy this Easter

Easter is getting closer hop by hop, so it’s time to start preparing for your fantastic Easter event!

With Easter fast approaching, it’s time to do some planning on how to keep the little ones involved and busy over the holidays.

Of course, with current events meaning that many will need to stay at home, it’s important to come up with ideas that can be done indoors or in the garden, but with good weather on the way, and with a little creativity, you can create an Easter that’s as special as can be!

Let’s get started!

Easter decorations

First things first. Kids LOVE helping set up decorations and being included in putting up ornaments around the home, so get them involved in the event!

You’ll be surprised how imaginative and creative they can be when you hand them some decorations, and it’s always fun to work together to get the look you both want!

There’s also a benefit to you too, not only does it mean you get a little help with transforming the home ready for stylish Easter, but it keeps them out of mischief while you do it!

So how about some decoration ideas to get them involved?

Try decorating an elegant white wire tree with sparkly Easter eggs and repurpose our free printable Easter bunny cupcake cutouts. Simply print, cut out, then stick a thread on to create a cute hanging ornament! Great for getting them busy and creative!

Easter Tree Decoration


Easter arts and crafts

Arts and crafts always go down well with younger kids and they love getting stuck into something creative!

How about making some floaty fun with a bunny balloon making kit? Packed with shiny features and cute ears to stick, they’re great for adding some bounce to the decor!

A collection of rabbit-themed balloons

It wouldn’t be Easter without egg decorating too, and we’ve got the perfect kit to transform those dull eggs into adorable little bunny figures, though if you fancy something a little more traditional, there’s always the classic egg decorating kit filled with stickers, pom poms, and other fun crafty bits and bobs!

Egg decoration kit


Alternatively, make some fabulous Easter-themed greeting cards to send to friends and family! 

A table covered in Easter decorations

Kids love Easter baking too! Get them to help you bake some Easter-themed cupcakes (another great use for those free printables!), chocolate nests, and sugar cookies!


Games and activities

Games and activities are great for getting them off those screens and interacting with the family!

For littler kids, how about getting them to put on a fun Easter puppet show using our soft finger puppets? Great fun when they’ve dressed up with their own handmade Easter masks and temporary bunny tattoos!

An Easter mask making kit

You can get the whole family involved in some skill-based games too! Try your hand at some carrot bowling and bunny ring toss games! Great for getting out into the garden when the sun's out!

Easter egg hunt

The classic Easter egg hunt is possibly the most exciting part of Easter for the kids! We’ve already come up with some great ideas for the egg hunt which you can find in our Easter egg hunt guide! Go take a look!


These are just a few ideas from our popular Easter range, but the true inspiration lies in the store! Head on over and check out our Easter collection and see what you can come up with!

Got a great Easter idea? Let us know by tagging us on social with @partypieces!

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