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Celebrating wedding anniversaries at home

Will Gore

Posted on May 01 2020

Celebrating wedding anniversaries at home

With lockdown in force due to the coronavirus outbreak, people across the UK are finding creative ways of marking important milestones at home.

If you are wondering what to do for your wedding anniversary during self-isolation, whether it’s your first, 12th or 25th anniversary, here are a few ideas to inspire your homebound celebrations.

Time-warp dinner

One way to mark your anniversary is to cook a ‘time-warp dinner’. Take the era that you got married as inspiration for your menu: from fondue through to chicken Kiev or dishes from Jamie Oliver’s Naked Chef cookbook; create a menu which reminds you of the time you feel in love; and give yourself a creative project in the process. 

Family party

Of course, you may want to spend your anniversary with your family and friends as well as your other half. Use Zoom, Google Hangouts or a similar app to set up an online meeting, and let the fun roll from there. You and your partner could take part in a ‘Mr and Mrs’ game to keep the guests entertained or one of your guests could write a quiz based on your marriage (Go here for our ideas for hosting a virtual quiz). You could also organise a playlist on Spotify to share with the group, featuring songs you both love, for a kitchen disco.
Decorations and wedding anniversary milestones

Whether you are celebrating just with your partner or sharing your special day with loved ones, you will want to brighten up the party with decorations. We have a superb range of anniversary decorations to choose from, including personalised banners and tea light holders. You could pick decorations that match up with the traditional anniversary milestone that you’ve reached – for example, those who have been married for five years should go for our bronze confetti, while if you’ve reached the impressive silver anniversary (25 years) then a silver balloon arch will look lovely.


Film night

Choose the first film you watched together or one that means a lot to both of you, and settle down on the sofa with a bottle of good fizz to watch it. The Netflix Party extension allows for group viewing (and online chat during the film) if you want to invite others to join, and our popcorn holders will help create that cinema atmosphere in your living room.
Picture perfect

These days we all have hundreds of photos sitting unprinted on our phones and computers, so why not put together a slideshow of happy memories for your other half? If you’ve got time on your hands during lockdown, then you could also take a look through your old photograph albums and scan in pictures taken in years gone by to add to the show.

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