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How to celebrate a kid's birthday at home

How to celebrate a kid's birthday at home

With lockdown restrictions still in force, celebrating a birthday without our loved ones or friends can leave us feeling disappointed and a bit, well, miserable. While we can dream of big parties with our friends and families in the (hopefully) near future, it is still important to celebrate and make a fuss of our family members on their birthdays. Especially the little ones who look forward to celebrating their birthdays all year!

To help with your parties at home, we've created a blog with ideas on decorations, virtual party ideas and more.

Pick a party theme

jungle party

The first step to planning a party should always be picking a theme. Once you know your theme, you can make decisions on food, games, activities and everything will fall into place.

Children's birthdays and celebrations are the roots of Party Pieces and we have an extensive range of themes for you to choose from. Pick a party theme your kids will love in order to create some real birthday excitement on the day. Our top trending kids' party themes are:

If your little ones love their telly time, we have also got some fab TV favourites such as Peppa Pig, Thomas, Paw Patrol, Harry Potter and Frozen.

Once you have chosen your theme and have all the decorations, set the scene the night before while they are asleep to surprise them come morning.

Birthday breakfast

As we cannot currently dine out for birthday lunches or dinners, start the day right with their favourite breakfast! Is it pancakes, waffles or an English breakfast? Lay the table, gather the family and tie a helium balloon to their chair to make the birthday person feel extra special. Extend a virtual invitation to their grandparents, auntie or uncles so they can enjoy breakfast together and watch them unwrap their presents.

Virtual children's party

virtual party

With restrictions still in place, many of us are turning to apps such as Zoom to help us share our 'stay at home' celebrations with our nearest and dearest. While this may not be ideal for a kids party, kids have had to socialise via technology and virtual parties have become an acceptable replacement.

Party decorations

Share the experience by providing the same decorations to all your party guests and use them as your video party backdrop. Our scene setters and decoration kits are great for this. Use our new multi-ship function at checkout, which enables you to split your order and send products to different addresses while only having to visit checkout once! Please click here to read more information on our multi-ship function.


Virtual games

While most kids are happy to lead their own conversations and have a bit of a giggle, it is good idea to have a few party games planned. Create a party playlist beforehand and play some traditional games such as musical statues and dancing games.

Other games that are fun for a virtual kids' party include a virtual balloon hunt or words within words. 

For the virtual balloon hunt blow up some balloons and hide them in plain sight or slightly hidden around the room. Scan the room with your camera and ask your guests to tell you how many balloons they found by holding up their fingers. The closest to the correct number of hidden balloons wins! 

To play words within words birthday edition, give the players a phrase such as 'Happy Birthday' and ask the how many words they can find within that phrase after one minute. The player who finds the most words wins.

Virtual party bags

One of the most exciting things about a kids' party is taking home a party bag. Invite your child's friends to the online party with a personalised e-invitation using an app such as Paperless Post and create a party bag for each of your online guests. Fill with party bag fillers and little treats and leave on their doorstep if they live locally or utilise our multi-ship option.

We hope we gave you some ideas on how to celebrate and hold a kids' virtual birthday party. For more inspiration, read out other 'how to celebrate' blogs below.




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