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How to make a brilliant birthday video

Will Gore

Posted on February 23 2021

How to make a brilliant birthday video


With lockdown restrictions putting a pause on our big parties, many of us are getting creative to mark special occasions instead. The birthday video – featuring clips of friends and family delivering a heartfelt message, good natured teasing or miming to a song – has become the latest trend for people wanting a fun and innovative way to mark the occasion.

These videos are always absolutely adored by the recipient, which is a good job because they are often difficult to co-ordinate for whomever is brave enough to take on the responsibility! If that’s you, and you already slightly regret it, have no fear because this guide will offer you plenty of ideas and inspiration. And remember, when the video is complete, you’ll be the hero of the day!

Birthday video ideas



Thanks to social media and Ru Paul’s Drag Race, lip-synching is a huge trend, one that works really well for a birthday video. Pick a fun, upbeat and well-known song, ideally one the birthday boy or girl loves, and then divvy up the lyrics, asking people to film themselves miming along to their section. Either pick their favourite song, or go for a classic such as YMCA, Dancing Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody or Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Apps such as StarMaker and Dubsmash are a good option for people to use for making their videos. Note that this approach results in incredible videos, but can be a big job to edit.  


Let’s dance!

Bring the spirit of TikTok to your birthday video by asking people to film themselves attempting a dance routine. Share a video for people to copy, and tell them it doesn’t matter if they get the routine wrong; in fact, it’s funnier when they do! You could go for recent dance trends such as Blinding Lights by The Weeknd – here’s a great example from TikTokers the McFarlands. Apache (Jump on It) by the SugarHill Gang could also work well, if you ask people to copy this dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (minus the ending!) Note the very Party Pieces backdrop behind Will Smith in the clip which you can of course recreate by buying one of our glittering curtains from this range.


Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is something a little different for a birthday video, but when done properly can work absolutely brilliantly. Plot a treasure hunt around your town or village, and reveal each stop on the hunt with a video clue, handily pre-recorded by your friends and family. Assign each of them with a place or landmark they need to come up with a clue for, and tell them to make it as tricky or easy as they like. When the birthday boy or girl gets to each spot along the treasure hunt, you show them the next video clue. You will eventually lead them back to where they started – home! Through sneaky planning, make sure their presents are waiting for them when they get there.


Heartfelt messages

You could keep things very simple and ask people to record a heartfelt message about the person in question. Dances and lip syncs are great, but sometimes videos that simply tell a person how great they are and how much they are loved can be a lovely gift, particularly if that person has had a tough time recently. One way of doing these kinds of video is to give people a sentence to complete: ‘When I think of X, I think of…’ and they can expand from there. There won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Celebrity messages

Whether you are asking for a heartfelt or funny video message from people, you could really take things up a level by adding a famous face to the final cut. Turn to a website such as Cameo or Memmo to order a bespoke birthday message from someone who you know will be appreciated by the recipient, be that a beloved boy band member, soap actor or sporting hero. It comes at a price – depending on the level of celebrity you choose – but will be a very funny surprise hidden within the main surprise of the video itself.

Video message decoration ideas

Whatever the birthday video you choose to do, you can encourage people to make a bit of effort to give it a party feel. They could wear fancy dress or film in unusual places. If they want to decorate their backdrop, Party Pieces has glittery backdrops, balloon arches, birthday banners and more. If you want to give people a helping hand, you could make use of our purchasing option that allows you to ship items to multiple addresses in the same order.


Birthday video message admin tips

Once you have got hold of all the phone numbers or emails of those who might want to get involved (a time consuming job in itself!), make sure you set some rules. Are there instructions for what you want people to do? Do you need to set a time limit for the clips people send you? Should the video be shot in portrait or landscape? And, finally, what is the deadline? You’ll need time to edit the video so it’s ready for the big day, so maybe set a false deadline a couple of days earlier than the absolute final one. Plenty of people will leave it to the last minute, so prepare to be a pest; badgering everyone with reminders. They will eventually thank you! In terms of tech, it’s best to ask your friends to send you the clips via WeTransfer (which is free) so you can download each clip to your computer rather than your phone. You can then use free video editing software such as Adobe Spark to patch it all together, or try VidDay, an easy-to-use website for creating birthday montage videos. 

Have fun, and let us know how it goes!

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