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How To Make Party Pom Pom Love Hearts

How To Make Party Pom Pom Love Hearts

Basic Pom Pom Making

Master these five steps and the pompom world is yours for the taking.

  1. Wind wraps of yarn around one half of the maker.
  2. Snip through the yarn wraps all round the centre channel.
  3. Tie another length of yarn tightly round the centre.
  4. Repeat on the other half. Close the maker.
  5. Trim into a neat shape. Then trim some more.

Love Heart Pom Poms

A love heart pompom is the perfect gift for a loved one. When making the ‘heart inside’ pompom, keep picturing the shape of a heart as you wind the yarn and you will find it easier to build up the heart shape within the pompom.

You Will Need

  • DK-weight acrylic yarn in the following colours: light blue, dark blue, red
  • 7cm (2 ¾ in) diameter pompom maker
  • Scissors

A pastel blue wool pom pom

Make a pompom in the usual way. Complete and remove from maker, but do not trim it into a round.

A blue party pom pom being turned into a love heart shape

Holding yarn tails in one hand, trim pompom into a conical shape to make bottom point of heart.

A pastel blue pom pom being cut into the shape of a love heart

Cut a V-shaped groove in centre of upper half to make the top of heart.

A love heart-shaped party pom pom

Trim each side into a heart shape. Start at side then work round from front to back, trimming little bits.

Tip – When trimming, to make a neater heart shape, keep brushing the yarn in different directions and trim where necessary.

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