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Make your garden a fun zone for summer

Will Gore

Posted on May 26 2021

Make your garden a fun zone for summer

staycations looking like the main option for many of us this summer, if you’ve got kids you’ll need plenty of activities to keep them entertained throughout the holidays. So, why not transform your garden into a summer fun zone, packed with water games, messy play and assault courses? Read on for garden play area inspo and our favourite ideas for summer activities for children…


Assault course

Have your kids been loving The Floor is Lava on Netflix? For the uninitiated, it’s a game show that’s a cross between Total Wipeout and The Crystal Maze in which teams of three attempt to make it across a fiendish indoor assault course without falling into the watery ‘lava’ – and it’s must-watch TV! Do your own outdoor version by helping the children build a course, rearranging garden furniture to clamber over and across. Get them to work in teams or to go it alone, and then time who makes it across the fastest.


Top tip: In true The Floor is Lava style, if you’ve got a paddling pool, you could add a water hazard to the assault course. Whatever you put in, make sure safety is a top priority and that you supervise your kids at all times. 

Unicorn swimming pool

Water park at home

As mentioned above, if you’ve got a paddling pool get it out this summer and make it a central part of your outdoor fun zone. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us this summer, and the kids get plenty of time to splash about. If they’re going to get wet, then you might as well really go for it and create a station stocked up with water games and activities. These water fight kits, balloon bunches and balloon bunch blasters are all guaranteed winners. Just don’t get too close if you want to stay dry!


Top tip: For those lucky enough to have a decent amount of outside space at home, then this water slide wipeout will make a big splash with your children all summer. For more ideas, read our blog on the 10 best water party games for kids.


Games station

No outdoor fun zone would be complete without a stash of games for the children to pick from throughout the summer months. Choose games from our store according to how much space you have at your disposal. Pop-up football goals are easy to put up and put away, while croquet and boules are perfect games for the whole family to get competitive over.


Top tip: Board games and jigsaws don’t have to be saved for rainy days. Take a tray out with you to do puzzles on, and this Truly Alice outdoor games mat, which features four board games in one, is a great way to do some gaming in the fresh air.


Giant bubble kit


Giant bubbles

Filling a garden with bubbles is an easy win for entertaining little ones outside – they just love filling the air with them and chasing them down! At Party Pieces we are forever blowing bubbles, and are well stocked with everything you need, including kits for making giant bubbles and bubble wands.


Mud kitchen corner

Kids love good messy fun and, if you can bear it, turn one corner of your garden into a mud kitchen. Either buy a mud kitchen – there are plenty available from a variety of retailers – or use any old garden furniture you have at your disposal. Kit it out with watering cans, old bowls and cake tins, and then just add mud and water, and let them get on with it. Your kids and their buddies can make mud ‘cakes’ or mix up muddy potions with petals, sticks, cut grass and stones. This BBC blog covers everything you need to know – just be prepared to hose down the kids before allowing them back in the house!


Outside art

There’s nothing like creating art in the great outdoors, so have a box stuffed with materials and overalls that the children can raid throughout the summer. Fill it with giant chalks for them to decorate walls and patios with, plus paper and paints for them to use in a range of artistic challenges, such as painting flowers, birds and skyscapes, and creating collages using natural materials. The kids will also have a lovely time coming up with colourful creations using this bubble paint kit. At the end of the summer, collate all of their artworks and hang them around the garden for their very own outdoor art gallery.


Top tips: Show the children contrasting paintings of landscapes by renowned painters (try van Gogh and Constable for starters), and see if they can create their own paintings in similar styles. 


Need more summer holiday inspo? Read our guides to staycationing in style, packing the perfect picnic and hosting outdoor parties for children


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