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How to throw a virtual baby shower

How to throw a virtual baby shower

With the UK coronavirus lockdown and social distancing in full effect, many milestone celebrations have had to be cancelled, including baby showers. However, just because these events can’t be held in person that doesn’t mean they can’t happen.


Virtual parties have quickly become a big trend, and virtual baby showers are very much part of it. Former Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh had to cancel her planned baby shower, celebrating the day quietly at home with her husband Hugo Taylor and a room full of balloons instead. So, if it’s your job to organise a baby shower for a friend, here are some tips for marking the impending arrival in style...
Connect via Zoom

There are many options out there for getting a virtual babyshower set up. Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom and Houseparty are all options during this period of self-isolation. Whoever is organising the shower needs to set up a meeting and send out the joining info to the guest list. It’s advisable to set a meeting password to keep things safe. It should be noted that if you are using Zoom, their standard (free) service only allows meetings to last for 40 minutes so you’ll either need to organise a series of meetings to keep things going, or ask a friend with a business or premium Zoom subscription, that allows for longer sessions, to host.
Baby shower invitations

As well as sending out invitations to the virtual meeting, the organiser may want to replicate a real baby shower by sending out e-vites in advance as well. Paperless Post has a gorgeous collection of digital cards from which to pick.
Don’t forget to decorate

While you may no longer need themed tablecloths, cups and plates, the mum-to-be should definitely have some decorations sent to her to add some sparkle to her set up. You can make your own paper chains using spare magazines or coloured paper, or create a collage from photos sent by the guests, which you can post to her before the day. We also have a wide range of baby shower decorations to suit all tastes and budgets. Botanical wooden bunting will look gorgeous on screen, or go for gold for a more glitzy theme. Balloons are a must at a babyshower, even a virtual one, and our confetti balloons are just the ticket. You could even send one to each guest, so your virtual party feels more like a real one.
Gift unboxings

Setting up a baby gift registry is a popular way to organise any presents a new mum might receive for baby to ensure they don’t end up with 30 babygros and nothing else! There are plenty of websites where a gift list can be set up, and if you can organise the gifts to arrive with the mum-to-be in time for your virtual party, then she can channel her favourite YouTuber and do a gift unboxing for everyone on the call. 
Virtual baby shower games

While you won’t be putting on a spread for your guests, perhaps send them a little package of treats, a mini bottle of fizz and a box of chocolates, say. Games are another guaranteed way to get the party atmosphere going, and if you are going to send things to your guests, then why not include baby shower bingo cards? Another easy game to play is guess the size of the bump, with each guest taking it in turns to have their guess. Predictions cards could also be included in the packs. Ask your guests to predict name, age, sex, weight and hair and eye colour of your baby, and complete the sentences ‘I hope you get your mum’s/dad’s…’ They could take a photo of the predictions and send them to a group WhatsApp as they make such a nice keepsake. You could also include advice cards in your party packs, which ask guests to share pearls of wisdom on motherhood - again the completed cards could be shared via WhatsApp. The ‘Day Four’ jar isn’t a baby shower game, as such, but it is a lovely thing to do for someone about to have a baby. The organiser asks each baby shower guest to email them a message of support for the mum-to-be for her to open on day four after having the baby (when hormones and sleep deprivation can make a new mum feel emotional). The organiser can then print them out and send them to their friend after the party. Similarly, you could ask the guests to email you in advance with a message for the mum-to-be, assemble them into a 'guest book' and send them to her beforehand for her to read out during the party.

Gender reveal

Gender reveal has become a big part of baby showers, and if the mum-to-be knows what she is having, there are ways she can make the big announcement in a fun way despite the virtual nature of the party. Send your friends gender reveal scratch cards or buy a gender reveal balloon kit for the mum-to-be to pop during the virtual baby shower. You could even get her a confetti or smoke cannon to take outside and pop for extra theatrics.

Rearrange your original party

A virtual babyshower certainly doesn’t have to replace the actual planned party. Reschedule the latter for later in the year. You’ll get two parties for the price of one, and, if the baby is born before the party proper, he or she will be guest of honour!

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