Minions Party Game Ideas

Joe Cleverley

Posted on September 06 2019

Minions Party Game Ideas

Before you begin your party games, why not get the guests into the spirit by transforming them into their favourite Minion. Yellow face paint and dungarees can help with this, along with a spot of hair gel to give them spiky locks!

Sleepy Minions

Age Guide: 3+

An excellent way to calm down the children before tea time! Tell all of the Minions that they have to go to sleep after a very tiring day of mischief – get them all to lie on the floor, close their eyes and keep absolutely still! Let them know that if they make any noise or move (including opening their eyes!) they will have to wake up and be out of the game.

Once they’re out of the game, tell them that they become evil Minions (perhaps hand out purple sashes to show this) and they have to try and make the remaining sleeping Minions move – but they mustn’t touch them! The winner is the last sleeping Minion.

Follow My Leader

Age guide: 2+

Minions have one purpose in life: to serve villains, so why not turn this into a fun game? Divide the little Minions into two lines, each with an adult leader (evil villain) at the front. To make it even more fun, why not give each adult props to transform into Felonius Gru & Scarlet Overkill! On the word “go!” each leader sets of, weaving around and doing funny actions as they go, such as waving their hands, clapping, making funny noises, and so on. The children behind follow their movements – if any Minions fail to mimic their leader’s actions the team gets a mark against them (you could use stickers on a big piece of white paper with each team name written on it for this).

The Minions keep following their leader until they hear “stop!”. At the end of the game, the winning team is the one with the least marks against them.

Minion Bowling

Age guide: 3+

This is not only a fun party game, but also a great DIY project too! Create Minion pins buy painting empty 2 litre fizzy drinks bottles yellow and blue, and sticking eyes on them.

When it’s party time, stand the pins up in a ‘v’ formation, and let the children take it in turns to see how many they can knock down with a ball. As with normal bowling, the winner is the child who has knocked down the most pins!

Depending on the age & ability of the guests, you can make this game a little harder by adding weight to the bottles using sand or water.

If you’re throwing a Minions party, what games are you planning on playing? Let us know in the comments below!

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