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Top 10 Healthy Party Food Ideas

Top 10 Healthy Party Food Ideas

From savoury snacks to tiny treats, it’s easy to sneak lots of healthy stuff into party food by using vibrantly coloured fruits and vegetables like these.

1. Tomatoes: Cherry tomatoes are the perfect size to pop into tiny mouths so work well in party food boxes. Skewer them onto a stick with a mini ball of mozzarella, quail’s egg or chunk of cheddar and they make wonderful finger food. Tomato salsa is a great dip for nachos and vegetable fingers. Children love pasta with tomato sauce so keep a good recipe up your sleeve or look out for healthy jars at the supermarket which you can also smother onto pizza bases.

2. Apples: Raw apples sliced or grated are ideal sandwich fillers for children and work well with tuna or cream cheese. Apple puree makes a great dipping sauce for chicken kebabs or turkey burgers.  For the sweeter side of things apple and raisin muffins or little apple pies are great, but for the ultimate sugar fix sticky toffee apples are a winner (they also make great going home presents). As a juice, apples are really popular with children and for chillier days they will love this warmed up with a dash of cinnamon.

Salad and apples

3. Something green: We all know that green means goodness and better still you can use this to match your party theme. Sticks of cucumber and asparagus served with guacamole make great snacks for a wild jungle party or a dinosaur party. We also love nutritious bread sticks that are essential dipping treats. Bread sticks are a great simple ingredient that can be combined with all sorts of dips and flavours making them perfect for all sorts of party food themes.

4. Sweetcorn: The sweet, buttery tasting treat is really popular with children. Mixed with with tuna or chicken mayonnaise it makes great sandwich fillings and the baby versions make delicious finger dippers. For a cowboy or Wild West party, corn on the cob is an ideal party snack and even better on the barbecue. Popcorn is another party favourite, why not flavour or colour it with something fun.

Asparagus and sweetcorn

5. Mangos: Exotic in colour and a qualified superfruit, mangos are a vibrant addition to many party foods and drinks. Paired with orange they make great smoothies, homemade ice lollies or jellies and combined with dried apricots they make a delicious flavouring for a cake. For an exotic fruit fondue, chop them into chunks and serve them on sticks with sweet dips such as greek yoghurt and honey or orange butterscotch.

6. Avocado: Avocados are a great nutrient booster with lots of essential nutrients important for growth. They work really well as an addition to a sandwich, salad or alternatively turned into a dip for finger food. Guacamole is delicious in wraps mixed with chicken strips or little prawns but it’s also a great dip for potato wedges, nachos and breadsticks. It’s quite fun to create salad on a stick by cutting up chunks of avocado, tomato, cucumber and cheese. Don’t forget to add lemon juice to the avocado to stop it decolouring.

Mango and avocado

7. Veg sticks: Crunchy and marvellously sweet, vegetable sticks are a great party food for children due to their bright appealing colour and health benefits. Cut strips of cucumber, yellow peppers or even asparagus into little fingers and they are perfect for dunking into savoury dips.

8. Blueberries: Well known as a superfood, their amazing colour is due to the wonderful health benefits and powerful antioxidants and are high in vitamins C and E, making it really healthy for babies. Mini blueberry muffins are scrumptious or just as good added to pancakes.

Vegetable sticks and blueberries

9. Dried fruit: These are really tasty snacks and full of fibre so perfect for busy parties. Add them to muffins or flapjacks and they can also be popped into party boxes.

10. Bananas: Are the most popular fruits for children and full of fibre, potassium and vitamins. Slices of banana can be skewered onto fruit sticks, popped into pancakes or added to chocolate spread or honey sandwiches – perfect party fodder! For jungle parties or breakfast parties, banana milkshakes and banana muffins are delicious. For a camping party adventure, bananas filled with chocolate flakes, wrapped in foil and roasted on the barbecue are creamy and gooey. Toddlers will also love mashed banana and remember to drizzle bananas with lemon juice to stop them decolouring!

Bananas and dried fruit

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