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Top 10 summer activities for kids

Will Gore

Posted on April 07 2021

Top 10 summer activities for kids

With long holidays looming, and perhaps no chance of escaping abroad, organising
summer activities for kids is key to keeping you all entertained and happy.

And if you’re out of ideas after this past year, we’re here with some outdoor inspiration. So get reading, get planning and get involved!

1. Pop up football goals

Summer is the time for outdoor games and keeping kids fit and healthy. After months of organised sport being off the agenda due to lockdown, football-mad kids across the country will be looking to make up for lost time in the spring and summer months. Our pop up goals are perfect for mini-Messis to use in the garden or, as they are easily transportable and a doddle to set up and pack away, in the park.

2. Ice cream making

Out of all the summer holiday activities for kids, making ice cream is one that they may enjoy the most! With various stages of cooling and freezing to take into account, it tends to be an activity that takes place over the course of an afternoon or a couple of days, but trust us, the results will be worth it. Have you got an ice cream maker? If so, this chocolate recipe will be a winner. If you don’t then that doesn’t mean your ice cream dreams have to melt away. There are plenty of ‘no churn’ ice creams out there that can be whipped up without the use of a machine: follow Mary Berry’s basic ice cream recipe and pick from her non-alcoholic flavour ideas, including raspberry, vanilla and ginger. 


3. Book in some beach days

Hopefully, the summer will be kind to us this year, bringing sunny weather to enjoy. When the heat is on, you’ll all be desperate for a dip at your nearest beach or local pool. Remember that 2021 is a little different to previous years, especially if holidays abroad are off the cards, and pools and beaches are likely to be packed on sunny days. Plan ahead by checking advance weather forecasts and organising a beach day on a weekday to avoid the crowds. If budget allows, hire a beach hut for the day so you can enjoy some shade and relative peace as well as a sea view. Ask neighbourhood groups for recommendations of swim spots that are off the beaten track and when best to visit. For cooling pool time, research booking systems for the neighbourhood pools and set an alarm to remind yourself to log in at the right time. There may also be summer swim schools or lifeguarding courses for teenagers that will get your offspring poolside – while you have some time off. 

4. Paddling pool in the garden

If you’d prefer to cool off at home, there are plenty of ways to do that. Party Pieces has a brilliant selection of paddling pools, including this gold glitter one, a cute goldfish one for little children and this one that comes complete with a handy sunshade. All kids (including big kids) love water fights, so order our kit – packed with water guns and water balloons – and let battle commence! 



5. Go camping

With summer 2021 being more about staycation than vacation, camping is a great option for a family activity which could become an annual tradition. Whether you’re booked into a campsite or are setting up camp in the garden, get the kids involved in all the fun of being in the great outdoors, including cooking on a camping stove, stargazing and telling scary stories as night falls. You could set up a teepee next to the main tent for them to play in – our Wild Wonders or In the Jungle teepees will look the part – while this trolley cooler bag is ideal for your supplies. 


6. Sports Day

School might be out for the summer but bring sports day to your back garden with our games kit. Featuring everything you need for the egg and spoon race, three-legged race, relay race and more, setting up a mini Olympics will add a competitive edge to your summer activities, and keep kids active, outdoors and happy.

Bug habitata

7. Gardening 

Summer is a great time to get children excited about gardening. Take them to the garden centre and let them choose some plants. Once you’re back home, they can help you prepare the soil before planting. Children can help water and maintain the beds, and will feel real pride at seeing their flowers grow. If they are fascinated by creepy crawlies, then treat them to one of our Bug Habitat sets. They can use the bug catcher to round up woodlice, snails and beetles, and then observe them in the habitat tank. Remember to release them back into the garden when observations are complete.


8. Wizard potions

A surefire success for a kids’ summer activity is an outdoor session making messy potions. They can channel their inner Harry Potters and Hermione Graingers by getting a bowl and chucking in whatever they can find in the back of the cupboards: from glitter and sequins to dribbles of syrup, food colouring and fruit squash. Up the yuck factor by adding bits and pieces from the garden such as soil, flower petals and herbs. As for the magic: mix in washing up liquid and bicarbonate of soda, then pour in vinegar and watch it bubble up and overflow… Good, not very clean and thoroughly disgusting fun!


9. Kites and drones

Let’s go fly a kite! This is a lovely summer activity when the sky is blue and the wind is up. Our Traditional Summer Kite is not just a great flyer, but also has a retro look that you and your little ones will adore. For kids hankering for a more hi-tech model, a drone could be a good option to get them out of the house and away from their screens. Remember to make sure your drone is licensed and that you’re flying it in an approved safe space: some parks, for example, will have dedicated ‘flying fields’ which are great to visit and watch even if you don’t have a drone or kite of your own.


10. Nature trail and picnic

Spend a day in the fresh air. Whether that’s a long walk in the local park or along your local river, turn this outing into a nature trail to keep the kids entertained. Buy binoculars for spotting birds and spying squirrels, and give them a checklist of things to discover, including certain flowers and plants. If you’re down by a river, they may be able to collect shells, learn how to skim a stone and sketch the things they see. You’ll need to pack a picnic if you’re making a day of it. Whatever food and drink you take with you, you’ll need some summery tableware to serve it up on. Our Choose Happy sets of cups, plates and bowls and our swirly pink tumblers will be just the ticket.

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