Confetti Balloon Bouquet - Silver & Gold


Featuring Gold and Silver Metallic Latex Balloons, This Balloon Bunch Kit Is an Eye-Catching Addition to Your Party!

Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, milestone events, or simply any kind of super special occasion, this balloon bunch pack is a fantastic choice!

Inside the pack, you'll get 14 balloons in various colours and styles, including metallic silver and gold!

Each kit contains an assortment of latex balloons and confetti. Once blown up, bunch the balloons together using the silver curling ribbon to create an eye-catching decoration! Don't forget balloon essentials such as helium and balloon weights!

Kit Contents
  • 8x 30cm Latex Balloon Crystal Clear 
  • 3x 30cm Glossy Gold Latex Balloon 
  • 3x 30cm Glossy Silver Latex Balloon 
  • 1x Confetti Circles Silver 15g
  • 1x Confetti Circles Gold 15g
  • 1x 45m Curling Ribbon Silver 
Helpful Hints
  • We would recommend a Large Helium Canister to fill all balloons. Balloons should be filled as close to the event as possible as latex balloons have a limited life span of up to 7 hours
  • Once the clear balloons have been filled with confetti, rub the balloon against your clothing as you turn the balloon to make the confetti stick to sides!


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