Mix It Up Blush, White And Rose Gold Ceiling Balloons With Tassels


Create a Gorgeous Party Scene with This Incredible Balloon Ceiling Kit!

Transform that dull party ceiling in a bubbly, balloony wonder with this balloon ceiling kit!

Inside you'll get dozens of balloons in various shades of pinks, whites, and even tiny confetti-filled balloons as well as rose gold foil tassels to adorn them with!

Set Contains
  • 160x Pink, White and Rose Gold Confetti Latex Balloons (Assortment of 5" and 12")
  • 15x Rose Gold Tassels with Elastic Bands
  • 15x Rose Gold Streamers
  • 15m Balloon Tape
  • Clear Twine
  • 100 Glue Dots
  • Set of instructions


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