Wedding Pong

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Move over beer pong and Prosecco Pong! We've tied the knot with our best selling product to bring you Wedding Pong! We all love a game of beer pong, but let's face it, at a Wedding we need to make sure it fits in with the ambience! If not why not try Wedding Pong for your Hen do! For A Wedding or Hen do - you need something a little more sophisticated! We're sure Wedding Pong is going to prove very popular, it's the perfect entertainment for both Wedding's and hen parties - to get everyone involved and enjoying themselves! Each kit features 12 plastic prosecco glasses and a pink ball. Like the traditional game, split into teams or play one on one, take turns trying to throw the ball into your opponent's glass. If the ball goes in, your opponent has to drink the prosecco from that glass. Now, everyone has their own extra rules so we'll leave the rest of the game up to you but please do remember to drink responsibly! On-trend and rapidly rising in popularity, Prosecco is fast becoming everyone's drink of choice. So, let's get the party started, get your Wedding Pong on!

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