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All about Party Pieces

From decorations to tableware, to those little party accessories that make all the difference, we make it easy to plan your perfect party.

Our store is filled with hundreds of stylish and fashionable party themes to pick from, whether it's kids birthday trends that’ll get the little ones giggling all day, to elegant wedding supplies that’ll make your big day exceptional.

If you’re struggling to find something, feel free to get in touch, our friendly team will point you in the right direction.


Our History


From our humble beginnings selling kids party supplies from our garden shed all the way back in the late 80s, to today, where we send out thousands of orders each week, we’ve aimed to provide you with the party supplies you need to make your celebration into something truly special.

Party Pieces began as a way to make it easier to celebrate those special events with friends and family, and it’s something we’ve never lost focus of.”

Carole Middleton, Founder, Party Pieces

Born in a garden shed

Fed up of not being able to find party supplies on the high street, Carole decides to set up her own party business to help parents in the same situation. She heads to the Spring fair in Birmingham to find suppliers and sets up the business in her garden shed.


Brand new HQ

The business gets a rocket boost after flyers are distributed with the Red House book club. Growing too big for the garden shed, Carole moves the business to a brand new headquarters in Hungerford, only to outgrow it soon after. Time for another move!


Takes over Childs court farm

Childs Court farm in Yattendon starts off as a group of dilapidated barns, cattle and grain sheds. It needs a makeover! Party Pieces takes over and renovates the buildings, transforming them into shiny, brand new headquarters!


Party Pieces today

Party Pieces is now a grand 30 years old, but looking as fresh as ever! Our brand new website has been designed from the ground up to make shopping for party supplies even easier! Get browsing!



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