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Small Helium Canister - Up to 30 9'' Balloons

Create bunches of floaty balloon fun with our helium canisters!

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This small helium canister allows you to inflate helium balloons easily and quickly at home, ready for your party or celebration.

Suitable for both latex and foil balloons, our helium canisters are essential for any event where you want to add maximum impact! Each small helium canister fills approximately:

- 30 x 9" Latex Balloons OR
- 12 x 12" Latex Balloons OR
- 14 x 18" Foil Balloons OR
- 3 x 36" Foil Balloons

Volume: Net Contents - 0.205m3

If you're inflating more balloons, we recommend our Large Helium Canister. Check out our Helium Balloons FAQ page for more information on filling your balloons and disposing of the helium tank after use.

How long will my balloons float for?
Foil balloons filled with helium will last 5+ days whereas latex balloons will last 4-5 hours. We therefore suggest inflating latex balloons no more than 2 hours before your party to avoid them deflating before the party comes to an end! To extend the float time of latex balloons, take a look at Hi-Float balloon treatment that helps your helium balloons float for up to 25 times longer.

Please note: the brand of the helium canister may be different than illustrated.

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Take a look at our handy video below for instructions on how to fill a balloon with a helium canister!

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