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Celebrating the magic of Christmas

You want to enjoy the childhood magic of Christmas. Think classic tales by the fire, old-school games for the kids, and festive dreams coming true. You'll love our Nutcracker Christmas collection designed and developed by Carole Middleton.

Enjoying Family Traditions

We all have funny, sweet and sometimes downright odd family traditions. Your festive gatherings will be filled with matching red family pyjamas, gingerbread houses and classic Christmas films.

An indulgent evening of relaxation

You like Christmas to all be about treating yourself and those around you. Think glasses of mulled wine as guests enjoy the Christmas chocolates and compliment your fantastic taste in festive decor.

A silly evening of fun

You believe Christmas is all about FUN! You make the festive holidays the most exciting time of the year for your little ones. Think bright Santa decor, leaving carrots and mine pies our on Christmas Eve and treading flour over the floor so your kids believe Santa visited! Which he did, of course.



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