6 Ways To Reuse Foil Balloons

When the celebrations have ended and your foil balloons are looking a little flat, it can be tempting to simply throw them away. But we think they’re destined for greater things than landfill. For example, have you ever considered using your foil balloon to make a handy gift wrapper? Or to hang on your wall as a work of art? Well, the party experts here at Party Pieces have, and now they’re sharing all the practical ways you too can reuse yours. 


1. Use them as gift wrapper 

Left the special someone’s gift to the last minute? Fear not. When you’ve got a cupboard full of deflated foil balloons, you’ll always have a handy wrapper to make that impromptu gift look like a carefully considered present (shhh, we won’t tell if you don’t). 

Our top decorating tip? For a minimal gift wrapper that works for all ages, use the silver side of the balloon, then embellish it with contrast-colour ribbon or curling tape. If you’re feeling fancy, you could even make gift bows out of your foil balloon too! Watch this tutorial to show you how.


2. Re-inflate them 

Of course, the most obvious way to reuse your foil balloons is to fill them back up with helium and let them take centre-stage at your party once more. In fact, thanks to their clever valve system that remains intact after use, there are no limits on how many times you can inflate them. 

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3. Make pom poms

Feeling creative? Flex your decoration-making skills by turning those old balloons into pretty pom poms. With their gleaming foil material, the balloons will help you create a dazzling display, in six easy steps (read the pom pom-making tutorial here).

Why not use them as a showstopping cake topper? Or match them with balloons and bunting to create the ultimate selfie station at your party? 


 4. Turn them into tinsel 

Have a more sustainable festive season this year by turning your foil balloons into Christmas tree-worthy tinsel. The gleaming, reflective nature of the balloons make them ideal for bringing statement shimmer to your branches. 

Simply cut them into long, thin strips (you can always stick two together to create a longer strip), then make small snips along either side to add texture.

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5. Use them for craft projects 

The great thing about foil balloons is that their thin material easily sticks to surfaces with a simple swipe of glue. That means you can use them to decorate cards, walls, shelves or anything else that requires a sprinkling of shimmer!

Ready to get crafting? Discover six ways to apply your foil.


6. Or turn them into a work of art

Forget conventional canvases – use the silver side of your foil balloons to create one-of-a-kind artwork. Stretch it out on cardboard or crumple it together to give the foil a unique texture, then let loose with your paints (we recommend acrylics). 

With your masterpiece complete and hanging on your wall, your guests will never know it started life as a balloon! 


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