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7 hacks for baking cupcakes

Will Gore

Posted on June 05 2020

7 hacks for baking cupcakes

Credit: The Baking Explorer


If you’re looking for some cupcake ideas and ways to make the baking process easier and fuss-free, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the latest Party Pieces cupcake baking hacks… 


1. For best results, bring your ingredients up to room temperature before you start baking. Milk, butter and eggs will blend better when they’re not fridge-cold, making the process easier - and the results more delicious.


2. If your recipe requires something sticky and delicious such as honey or golden syrup, you can make for smooth spooning-out by brushing your tea or table spoon with vegetable or olive oil beforehand. This makes for less wastage and less sticky mess as you measure out the ingredient.
3. A common baking mistake is to substitute unsalted butter for the salted variety. You might think this won’t make a difference or that it would give your cakes a delicious salted flavour, but it can affect the chemistry of your recipe, leading to unpredictable results. 


4. Use an ice cream scoop to ladle cake mixture out into your cases. It can be neater than using two spoons, and makes it easier to measure equal amounts of batter to make sure the cakes end up the same size.

5. Try decorating with cake toppers. They add height to a cupcake, as well as fun or elegance (depending on which one you pick) and can hide a multitude of sins if your icing goes wrong. If you don’t want to ice the cakes at all, a cake topper will still make them look smart and save you a lot of time. For ideas and inspiration, see our range of cake accessories.


6. It can be quicker and easier to make and ice one big cake, which you can then cut into individual portions to ‘deliver’ to friends and neighbours in exchange for a donation. These Snappy Birthday Croc Mini Cake Boxes are perfect for doorstep deliveries.

7. No matter what precautions you take, flour and icing sugar will end up dusted everywhere, like a charming/annoying snowstorm. Clear it off your work surfaces with a ruler or shower squeegee, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. For stubborn dough stains, soak a cloth with warm water, lie it over the area, and wait for the dough to soften again before scraping it off.


If you need cupcake recipe inspiration, why not try these jolly rainbow cupcakes or ice cream cone cupcakes (above) by food blogger The Baking Explorer. Alzheimer's Society also has recipes for vegan chocolate orange cupcakes and sugar-free lemon cupcakes, and more, if you are baking for people with dietary needs. 

Enjoy baking and if you’re using any of our cake accessories, please tag us into your photos on social media @partypieces so we can give you a wave!



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