Children’s Party Ideas: Fairy Party

Do you believe in fairies? Say quick that you believe. If you believe, clap your hands!

We love this fairy quote from Peter Pan nearly as much as we love fairy parties. Believing in fairies is believing in magic, kindness and whimsy; three elements of a truly special event for your little loved ones. If you have a young Tinkerbell at home who would love a fairy-themed birthday party, read on for tips on how to create the magical fairy party of their dreams…

Fairy party decorations

The most important part of a fairy party is to set the scene so all your little guests can leave reality at the door and enter into an enchanted world. Summer parties work best for this theme so you can set up a fairy world in your garden or local park or woodland. If you can’t be under the shade of the trees, an indoor fairy party is just as special – and the good news is that you can decorate your party the same whether you’re inside or out. First, clear up; hiding away your very unmagical clutter to leave as much space for your spritely scene as possible. Next, choose a breath-taking balloon arch or stunning balloon cloud in pastel colours to use as the fairy door for your guests to walk through (if this is outdoors make sure you tether it well with twine or ribbon so it doesn’t get caught in the wind). Bunting and extra balloons help to continue the fairy kingdom theme and to break up the space, we love this fairy garland, with its shimmering gold touches and cheeky 3D toadstools – just magic!

Fairy Picnic

Fairy party picnic table ideas

For your fairy tea, an enchanted picnic will work a treat: spread out pretty picnic rugs, cushions and giant bean bags for a simple option, or lay unfolded trestle tables on top of pallets or sturdy bricks to create a low table perfect for a kids’ picnic – and fling
pretty tablecloths, garlands and table runners over the top. These magic wands make a lovely party favour to lay out as a surprise for hungry fairies to play with in between snacks. Party Pieces’ Fairy Garden and Truly Fairy tableware ranges include everything you need to make the table truly magical: from flower or toadstool paper plates, to napkins, cups and party bags. Click here to shop the ranges. If you’d like to browse further, our princess range is also suitable for a fairy-themed picnic.

Fairy party games and activities

Many professional party entertainers offer fairy-themed parties with specially tailored games, crafts and activities. If you’re doing it yourself, here are some ideas to enchant and entertain your children:

1. Fairy door treasure hunt

Create mini fairy doors, either with your own craft supplies or with a fairy door kit, and decorate each one with the name of one of your guests. Play some Disney tunes and ask the children to find the door with their name on it; the fastest wins. NB. If any of your little ones can’t read yet, partner them up with someone who can. This could also be a craft activity; lay out the doors with plenty of art materials and ask them to decorate their own door to take home. Children find this kind of activity totally absorbing and it’s a nice calm thing to do amid all the other excitement.

2. Musical toadstools

Use red card and white paint to make toadstool tops which you then lay at good intervals around the floor. Play the music and ask your fairies to flutter around the room/area until the music stops; when they must find a toadstool to sit on. As with musical chairs, take away a toadstool with each round so those who can’t find a place to sit are eliminated until there’s a winner.

3. Fairy pinata

A star, rainbow or iridescent number piñata (in numbers 0-9) looks beautiful hanging from a tree or ceiling and doubles up as a great game for the little ones to have a go at. Fill with lightweight, wrapped treats then ask the children to take turns hitting it with a stick until the contents spill out on to the floor for all to share. To make it extra challenging, buy a blindfold and spin your guests around three times before they take their turn.

4. The fairy key game

This game is very silly but won’t fail to make everyone laugh. Ahead of the day, you need to attach little ‘fairy’ keys to the end of lengths of ribbon (one for each guest) and find some little pots or plastic vases (for younger children, make sure the pots are quite wide, for older children you can use something smaller). On the day, you tie the ribbons around your guests’ waists so the key is behind them like a tail. Place the pots underneath them and ask them to squat down until their key touches the bottom of their pot. It’s based on a Dutch children’s party game called ‘spijkerpoepen’ which means ‘pooing nails’ and while it’s not very fairy-like, it is very fun!

5. Pin the wings on the fairy

A twist on the old classic, ahead of the party draw a large Tinkerbell onto a piece of A1 card and ask your children to help colour it in with watercolours, glitter and pastels. But make sure she doesn’t have her wings! Then create a pair of sturdy card ‘wings’ for each guest, for them to pin on to the picture while blindfolded. The closest to the mark wins the prize!

fairy food

Fairy party food

Put on a magical spread in your enchanted forest with a mixture of sweet and nutritious treats. For savoury food, add some fairy dust to sandwiches by cutting them with a star or butterfly-shaped cookie cutter. These cutters can also be used to slice up watermelon into stars for the end of a fruit kebab ‘wand’, also adding strawberries and grapes to the skewer for the ‘handle’. Pink candyfloss has a fairytale feel to it: buy pre-made in large bags and use to decorate a sweet grazing platter or put on top of cupcakes. Speaking of cakes, now’s the perfect chance to lay out traditional fairy cakes; either topped with rainbow sprinkles, fairy cloud marshmallows or cut into butterfly cakes.

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