Children’s Party Ideas: Magic party

Do you have a wannabe magician in your midst? If your little one loves putting on magic shows and performing tricks for the family, make their birthday unforgettable by throwing them a magic-themed party. With a little help from our ideas and inspo, it’ll be a party as impressive as pulling a rabbit out of a hat...


Magical invitations

Make sure there’s magic in the air even before the party starts by sending out themed invitations. Write on them that the recipients have been invited to a meeting of the Magic Circle, and include a magic word that will allow them to gain entry to the party. You could even write this word in invisible ink, as long as you include instructions on how to reveal it! Ask them to come dressed as a magician or wizard, and illustrate with rabbits in tops hats, wands and playing cards.


DIY magic tricks

You can’t have a magic party without magic tricks, and a fun way of featuring them in the celebrations is to learn a few to teach to the kids on the day. The children could then practice them on each other and then perform them in a show for the parents who come to pick them up. A scan of YouTube will provide you with lots of ideas for easy magic tricks for kids: here’s one to get you started. Give yourself a decent amount of time to learn the tricks and prepare any materials you might need for them. 


Magician Costume

Hire a magician

You may want to leave the magic to a professional, in which case hire a magician who specialises in performing at children’s parties. We’re sure the magic-loving birthday boy or girl will love being called up to help as the assistant during the show. As with any children’s party entertainer, research is key. Ask friends on the local WhatsApp and Facebook groups for recommendations, and search online directory and review sites for magicians near you. 

Magic party games

We love the idea of organising a magic themed scavenger hunt around your party venue. Hide pictures of magic wands, rabbits, magicians and top hats with a letter written on each one. The letters should make up an anagram for a magic word and, once the kids have worked it out, they can reveal the word to you in return for a prize or sweet treat. Classic children’s party games such as musical statues, musical bumps and musical chairs can be given a magical makeover faster than you can say ‘abracadabra!’ with a soundtrack of songs such as A Kind of Magic and Could it Be Magic.


Magic party


Harry Potter themed party

If your child is into magic, there’s a good chance they’re enamoured with a certain young wizard. There are so many spellbinding Harry Potter children’s party ideas to pick from. Send a letter requesting the presence of the invitees’ company at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry similar to the one Harry receives in The Philosopher’s Stone, asking them to come dressed as their favourite character. You won’t be able to host a game of Quidditch, but sort the kids into Gryffindor, Slytherin and the other houses, and set up games in the garden with our sports day kit. Award house points to the winning players, and give the team with the most points at the end of the party a prize. We have an entire range dedicated to all things Harry Potter, so kit out your party with a party table set, room decoration kit and birthday banner. A Harry Potter piñata and party bags filled with a gift cup, glasses and stretchy bracelet should be on your list, too.


Decorations and tableware

The Party Pieces store has conjured up the Magic Party range of decorations and tableware especially for this kind of party. Highlights include cute bunny in a hat plates, a colourful magic garland, Ace of Spades napkins  and magician hats. Just say the magic word (or click the following link) to explore the Magic Party range in full.


Birthday cake

If only baking a stunning themed birthday cake was as easy as clicking your fingers and making one appear out of thin air. Unless you know a magician capable of pulling off a trick like that, you’ll either have to bake a cake the usual way or commission an expert baker to do it for you. Whatever option you take, create a cake in the shape of a rabbit in a hat, magic wand or book of spells to make an Instagram-worthy centrepiece for your party table. Alternatively, let us take care of it by ordering one of our personalised cakes to which you can add a photo of the birthday boy or girl and a message. For some extra touches, make cupcakes magic by adding some popping candy to the icing on cakes you either make yourself or buy, and, for a fun drink, mix up a colourful fruit punch that you can label ‘Magic Potion’.


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