Top Tips for Throwing Kids' Birthday Parties


Children’s birthday parties can be so overwhelming. To theme or not to theme? What food to serve? How to make the party look stylish without spending a fortune? How to keep all the children entertained?  Don’t worry, here are some Top Tips from our brilliant party planners – Dazzle & Fizz - on how to throw an awesome birthday party for your little one.


1. Theme your party.

Deciding your party theme in advance will help you streamline when picking décor, tableware, food etc. You could both theme it by interest (e.g. fairy or dino party), or by colour, so that everything fits together. We love Party Pieces Shooting Star or Metallic Birthday from their Party Pieces Collection range.  Having an overall vision will help you be more efficient when planning.

2. Keep it simple.

Sometimes, less is more, so don’t feel the need to fill every space with colour and decoration. Sometimes a few big impact decorations can be all you need. Whether it’s pretty garlands and streamers, balloon arches, themed table runners or brightly coloured hanging pompoms. A few of these lovely items can really transform a blank space.


3. Use recyclable paper plates, cups and cutlery.

With children running around, you don’t want to have to worry about broken glass or lots of washing up, plus a stylish tablescape can become your party centerpiece . There are so many beautiful disposable options - from rainbow-coloured serviettes, stylish gold straws to pompom paper cups, you can really let your tableware do the talking.


4. Plan an activity.

Let’s face it, herding children can be like herding sheep. Children are very savvy these days and you should have ample activities planned to keep them entertained throughout the event. If the prospect of this fills you with fear and dread, try a children’s entertainer to take the pressure off. If you revel in the idea of planning party games, we recommend preparing at least one more than you think you need, just in case you whizz through them on the day.


5. Time plan.

Although there should be an element of free-flow to your party, having an idea of when you want certain activities to take place, or when you want to blow out the birthday candles, will help you squeeze in all the party fun before home time. After all, time flies when you’re having fun!


6. Finger food is best.

We love children’s party food! Children tend to prefer having fun to eating lots at a party, so plan easy eats that look great, and won’t make too much mess. Here are some brilliant party food ideas from My Foodie Baby.  Finger foods are also a good option for the adults - fruit, veg and cheese grazing platters can be enjoyed by all the guests, big and small.


7. A big cake is not your only option.

Think outside of the box, birthday cupcakes or doughnuts can be a great alternative to slicing up a big birthday cake on the day. Theme your sweet treats and by making them individually sized, it makes it easier to pop them in the party bags.


8. Prep like a boss.

Do as much as you can to prepare the day before. You want to enjoy this day as much as your little one. You don’t want to have to worry about stuffing the party bags or making cakes. Just enjoy those magic moments.


9. Get your outfit right.

Make sure you wear something that keeps you cool and is easy to move around in. You’ll be serving food, herding kids, getting coats and party bags, so you want to feel comfortable on the day.


10. Keep party bags simple.

We opt for colourful paper bags or fun boxes with a game all children will love as the main item – these snap cards, temporary tattoos or a yoyo are perfect – with a slice of cake, balloon and some bubbles.  Remember to keep them tucked away on the day, and have a few extras on hand in case you’ve done your maths wrong, or unexpected siblings turn up!



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