Garden Drinks Party Decoration Ideas

Will you be making the most of these long summer evenings with a garden drinks party? Even with a select group of friends and social distancing, you can still have a picture-perfect evening. Here’s some ideas and inspiration for decorating your summer garden party...

1. De-clutter the garden

Let’s get the most boring point dealt with first: get all your clutter out of the way! Put gardening tools, kids’ toys, sun lotion and any other garden detritus into a shed or storage boxes to help you transform your garden into a party spot. As well as making the garden look as photogenic as possible, it will help you to relax too.

2. Party lights

There’s nothing like twinkling lights to give your garden a special party atmosphere. Go for a combination of lights, lanterns and candles for a truly stunning effect. Strings of LED lights are battery powered so don’t need to be plugged in and can be woven through tree branches and bushes. Many people like the effect so much they keep them up until long after the party is over. 

3. Top table

If you invite a few friends over for a drink, they may just be expecting a simple catch up over a bottle of wine. Nothing wrong with this, of course, but why not surprise them with something special? Throw a tablecloth over your garden furniture to smarten it up. Go for classic white fabric or something bright for an unexpected pop of colour. You could use name places to allocate friends their area and set their spaces with pretty party plates and napkins. Use blooms or botanical cuttings from your garden to decorate the table, either in little vases or strewn across the middle as a centrepiece.

4. Go big and go home

You don’t have to go big or go home, you can go big at home! While our customers haven’t been able to celebrate with big parties and gatherings, they have enjoyed decking their own halls with balloon clouds and arches, using pom poms and fans, and decorations such as these Botanical Floral Hoops to complement their own natural blooms. Hanging out bunting or garlands has also added a summery edge to their stay-at-home dos.

5. Play time

No party is too small for some organised fun! Use all your Zoom quiz experience to do a mini quiz for your friends after dinner, lay out an outdoor game such as boules for a lively bit of competition or pin up a streamer backdrop and get in some props for a socially-distanced photo ‘booth’.


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