Halloween party food ideas for kids

Children always go potty for Halloween. The copious amount of sweets and chocolate on offer is surely no coincidence. So, if you’re throwing a party for your little monsters and their buddies this October, you may be looking for Halloween-themed cakes, biscuits and other bakes for your party table. 

We’ve set out some of our best-loved Halloween recipes for children’s party food below – they’re all straightforward to make, look appropriately ghoulish and taste frighteningly good! But, before you get stuck into all the food prep, you have to make sure your table is properly decorated for fright night to ensure your Halloween creations look the part. So, before we unleash the recipes, check out some of our favourite tableware from Party Pieces’ Halloween collection

Plates and napkins

This is the place to start when putting your Halloween party table together, and we’ve got an excellent variety of looks to go for. If you're embracing the scary side of Halloween these Tomb Stone Paper Plates, and Skeleton Paper Napkins will be a terrifying pairing.

If you want to put some colour into Halloween, go for these Spooky Friends Pumpkin Plates and Boo Ghost Napkins. A Skeleton Grazing Board will be a fun way of presenting cupcakes or savoury snacks for diners to dig into, as will this amazing Coffin & Zombie Arms Donut Stand.



Table Decorations

Adorn your table with decorations to get that Halloween atmosphere going. Add some pumpkin pizzazz with this shiny table confetti and dot some plastic spiders around the table, too. If you are able to, some Hanging Ghosts set above the table will look magnificent as will our foil Halloween character balloons tied to chairs – we’ve got skeletonsghosts, black cats and more.


Dress up accessories

Finally, we assume your party guests will all be in fancy dress, but just in case anyone needs a little help getting into the spirit of Halloween, lay out an assortment of bat, witches hat and spider head bands for them to wear – any adults in attendance can put on too!


Buffet ideas for your Halloween party

Creepy witch fingers

These chocolate covered witches fingers are a fun way to decorate and add spooky Halloween snacks to the party table. Kids will love helping to prep these.


225g white chocolate
20 Grissini Breadsticks or Pretzel sticks
20 Roasted Almonds or Pumpkin seeds



1. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. Place chocolate in a large microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high in 30 second increments until almost melted, stirring occasionally until smooth.

2. Dip each breadstick into the melted chocolate spooning some chocolate over the breadstick to coat, leave about three inches uncoated at one end. Carefully place on prepared greaseproof paper.

3. Immediately press one almond onto coated tip to resemble a fingernail. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Refrigerate for 15 minutes to set chocolate. Fingers can be kept at room temperature in an airtight container up to two weeks.


Spooky ghost muffins

Decorate your Halloween cupcakes or muffins with white fondant icing to create charming little floating ghosts. Make the muffins at home or buy some pre-made to skip the baking!


(Makes six)

Six pre-made muffins of your choice
250g white icing
50g jam
Black writing icing to decorate

1. Start by cutting the rounded top off each muffin to make a flat surface. Turn upside down on a board and slowly peel off the cases

2. Prepare your workspace by dusting icing sugar over a flat surface to stop the icing from sticking. Roll out the icing to a thickness of about half a centimetre. Use a cookie cutter or a small bowl cut to 6cm x 13cm (approx) circles

3. Lightly brush the muffins with jam then position one icing circle over the top of each muffin. Press to flatten the top, then let the icing fall around the edges to look like floaty ghosts. Adjust the folds as necessary

4. Draw on some funky or spooky eyes with the writing icing. Leave to set for 10 minutes then serve.

Menacing monster cookies

These whacky monster cookies will look crazily good on a Halloween buffet table. This recipe is super easy and one the kids will love! 


(Makes six)

Chocolate M&Ms
Edible googly eyes
Writing icing to decorate, if using



1. Prepare the cookies as per the box instructions
2. Once taken out the oven immediately press the googly eyes and M&Ms into the cookies where desired
3. Allow to cool and decorate with writing icing if using


Frozen Yoghurt Strawberry Ghosts

Looking for a healthy Halloween treat for the party table? These yoghurt dipped strawberries are a perfect choice.



One punnet of strawberries
500g Natural greek yoghurt

Chocolate crunch balls


1. Dip each strawberry into the yoghurt while holding by the green stem. Pipe a ghosts tail and leave to set in the freezer on a lined baking tray for 15 minutes
2. Stick the crunch balls on for eyes and add yoghurt to the ghost tails is needed

No Halloween party is complete without a cauldron of tasty punch. Try this kid-friendly Halloween punch packed with critters galore!

Halloween cupcake kits and cake toppers

Are you using a tried and trusted recipe for baking this Halloween? If you are, then we’ve got ready-made kits and products that will help you turn classic cakes and biscuits into Halloween-themed treats. These Vintage Cupcake Kits feature cute Halloween characters for decorating your bakes, and these cookie cutters will help you turn your homemade biscuits into a gaggle of skulls, witches hats, ghosts and bats. 


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