How to throw an Encanto themed party


Packed with colour, culture and enchanting sing-alongs, Encanto is Disney’s latest fairy tale film to capture the hearts and minds of kids (and adults) everywhere. And with magic and celebration playing a key theme in the story, it’s easy to see how this joy-filled film can lend itself to your next special occasion! 

So, to help you throw a party like the Madrigals and bring some of that South American spirit into your home, we’ve curated a handy guide with everything from the best Encanto themed decorations to a party playlist that’ll get everyone practising their salsa!


Get your invitations in order 

You won't need powers like Dolores to hear about this party with these invitations. Let your guests know about your fun-filled fiesta with Encanto themed invitations. These digital versions are the easiest way to get the word out, – simply download them, add your details and send them out to your guest list ahead of the party.


Dish up some delectable delights

In Encanto, we see Mirabel’s mum Julieta, who has the power to heal people through food, cook traditional Columbian fare including arepas. Why not have a go at cooking these doughy delights – all it takes is three simple ingredients and 30 minutes to whip them up. Serve them alongside the usual party snacks on colourful floral plates just like in the film. We’ve also got matching napkins to complete a vibrant South American-inspired look. 


Dial up the decorations 

This is where it gets fun. If you’ve watched the film, you’ll know that colour and extravagance are key to the Madrigals’ famous fiestas, so don’t be afraid to go all in with your decorations. We’re talking vibrant garlands at every turn, hanging backdrops to brighten bare walls and stunning floral centrepieces that would slot right into Casa Madrigals. Some traditional macrame and patterned rugs will also help to bring some of that Colombian flair into your party space. 


Set the soundtrack to your celebrations

It wouldn’t be an Encanto party without its catchy songs playing in the background. You could even set up a karaoke station to get everyone singing along, or stage a salsa-style dance battle!


Line up some party activities

Originally from South America, Piñata is a party-favourite activity that’ll add bonus points to your theme, especially this cactus one made by Isabela. You could also get guests taking part in a fun Encanto style quiz or game of character bingo – perfect for fans who’ve watched the film a hundred times already. 

Of course, there are plenty of other traditional party games to keep kids busy, including tail tag, giant naughts and crosses, and limbo.


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