Pack Up for a Stylish Picnic

Planning is key to pulling off a superb picnic, and to help make sure you're organised, we’ve created a handy picnic checklist covering picnic food, tableware, outdoor games and activities, and more.

What to take on a picnic

As British weather isn’t the most reliable, it is important to be prepared and ensure that you have everything you need to avoid having to pack up earlier than planned. Umbrellas for rain or, hopefully, shade are a good place to start. Of course, a couple of decent picnic rugs are essential, as are chairs for anybody who will need one. 

Keeping the food and drinks fresh is also vital. This fantastic wicker picnic basket is easy to transport and looks brilliant, too. Don’t forget to pop in some cooler packs or, as an alternative, freeze some bottles of water (As the bottles defrost, you’ll have plenty of chilled water on hand throughout the day). The cooler packs or bottles could also be put in our insulated watermelon lunch bags to keep your food chilled. 

It’s a good idea to invest in reusable picnic gear that you can use year after year. It’s not only kinder to the planet, but it will also stop you having to stock up whenever you want to go on a spur of the moment picnic - win-win! Party Pieces has a fab range of melamine tableware to see you through your summer picnics, such as this delightful melamine peach plate. For a more sophisticated outdoor soiree, these embossed wine glasses in mint and clear are a good shout. Check out our picnic checklist below to avoid missing any of the essentials…

Picnic essentials checklist:

Food to take on a picnic 

Now that you have the picnic essentials covered, it’s time for the main event… the food! Make sure you have enough to keep everyone going throughout the day, and that you cater to your guests’ dietary needs.

Sandwiches are a safe but uninspired bet, and are often soggy by the time you get to them. Try a pasta salad, they are easy to store and can be prepared gluten or meat free. This easy pasta salad with Italian dressing sounds delicious! Nice and crunchy salads are also a lovely idea. They are light on the stomach and will keep you energised. Prep on the day and keep your salad dressing separate to avoid the salad wilting. Mason jars are great for holding and pouring dressings. Check out these tasty jam jar dressings by Jamie Oliver for inspiration. For something more filling, this vegetarian picnic pie with caramelised onions, griddled veg and goat's cheese will do the trick. 

For a refreshing drink that will keep you cool on summer days, this watermelon lemonade will go down a treat.

Giant bubble kit

Outdoor games and activities

There is a whole lot of enjoyment to be had on a wide-open field or beach with family and friends. A good game of rounders, croquet or boules will keep you busy and is heaps of fun. If transporting games and activities is an issue, try taking something small or play old school kids games that don’t involve any accessories or objects, such as wheelbarrow races, hide and seek, and What's the Time Mr Wolf? 

On a hot summer’s day, you can’t beat a water fight in the sun, and our water pistol or water fight games kit has everything you need to soak, spray and splash your rival team. It's a must-have item for an action-packed summer, and is a handy game to keep in reserve for when the kids (and adults!) need entertaining!


Stylish Picnic

A stylish picnic

The fashion-conscious picnic(ers) among us will consider style alongside comfort and convenience for their summer spread, and the easiest way to stay on trend is to stick to a theme. Do you want a pretty summer flower garden, a traditional gingham picnic or a Hawaiian lunch with tropical fruits and flowers? Once you know your theme, everything else will fall into place.


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