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Our top Christmas stocking filler ideas

Our top Christmas stocking filler ideas


With Christmas Day 2020 fast approaching, you may be looking for Christmas stocking filler ideas to give your loved ones plenty to open and play with when the big day arrives.

First of all you need to pick your stocking or sack - we’ve got some gorgeous ones here – and then take a look below at our guide to the best stocking fillers to get for Christmas 2020, including stocking fillers and games for boys and girls, novelty gifts, sweet treats and funny presents that will entertain people of all ages. 

1. Traditional stocking fillers

The tradition of hanging out stockings by the fireplace for Father Christmas to fill with presents comes from the story of St Nicholas, who threw gold coins down the chimney of a home of a poor family. The three young sisters who lived there had hung their stocking over the fireplace to dry overnight and, when they woke up, found them filled with the coins. In the modern world of hi-tech toys, giving stocking presents that nod to Christmas traditions of the past will be a lovely touch…

Chocolate Coins and Candy Canes

In the spirt of that St Nicholas story, one of the most popular and enduring stocking fillers is a bag of gold coins. Trends and tastes may change, but chocolate coins are here to stay. Choose from milk and white chocolate bags. A couple of satsumas will also be a nice traditional present, and will help give the children a bit of nutrition at the start of what will surely be a treat-filled day.

Wooden toys

The adage that the old ones are the best doesn’t just apply to jokes, but to toys, too. There’s something truly magical and festive about wooden toys. Christmas whistles will add some music your day, while toddlers will enjoy trying to keep a spinning top going. Older children will love the ups and downs (sorry!) of mastering a yo-yo

Snow globes

We might not be getting a white Christmas any time soon, but a snow globe is a lovely way to create a that wintry atmosphere indoors. This mini-reindeer snow globe is super cute, and this LED one creates a lovely snow scene, while also being a night light to help your child nod off each night. 

Traditional floating ball game

Tricky to master, but this enduring game is great entertainment once you work out how to do it. Kids will enjoy challenging grown ups to see who can keep the ball floating for the longest. Time each person’s go and get a prize ready for the winner. 

2. Stocking fillers for girls and boys

Christmas is all about putting smiles on children's faces and the following stocking fillers are guaranteed to get them beaming on Christmas morning…

Space Age Rocket Light

Go to the moon and back with this retro-style rocket lamp. It’s just the thing budding astronauts need to illuminate their bedtime reading and will also be an excellent accessory for any space themed party that you throw in the future.

Secret Agent Magnifying Glass

If your child is a budding secret agent or a wannabe detective, set them on the hunt for clues with this magnificent magnifying glass.

Mini-Metal Vehicle Kits

With 35 pieces per set, these vehicle kits will keep your mechanically-minded child very busy as they works out how everything fits together.

Colouring mug and pencils

Another present that will keep little ones busy on Christmas Day - and when you need to give them something to do during the rest of their school holiday. A Christmas colouring mug provides an enjoyable activity that will result in a keepsake that you can bring out each time the festive season rolls around. These smart sets of colouring pencils are a cool gift to team the mug up with. Go for the space, unicorn or dinosaur pack.

Knitting Mushroom

This stocking filler is just the thing for any child who loves craft activities and fancies giving French knitting a try. The pack comes with a knitting mushroom that has a cute face and polka dot crown, five metre-long red, white and pink yarn balls, easy instructions and a safe wooden knitting ‘needle’.

Rainbow Friends Nail Varnish

This nail varnish will make for a lovely Christmas treat – it is water-based and peelable, so it’s totally child-friendly and non-toxic (boys often love this too!).


3. Novelty stocking fillers

When it comes to Christmas stockings, novelty gifts can really add to the fun factor for your kids - here are some of our favourites to choose from…

Melting Snowman Putty

This putty lets your kids create their own snowman indoors, with accessories including stick arms, an orange carrot nose and a top hat. Like any self-respecting snowman, this putty version will ‘melt’ and lose shape after a while, meaning your boy can start all over again and create a completely new snow man character each time.

TV favourites

If your toddler is a big fan of Paw Patrol then they will be deliriously happy if they pull out this pack of foam gliders featuring their favourite pups, or if Hey Duggee is more their jam, then go for this fab sticker pack that’s filled with a selection of reusable foil stickers. 

Christmas Clockwork Hoppers

Toddlers will absolutely love winding up these little hoppers and watching them go. Each pack comes with two Christmas character hoppers.

Party Snaps

An explosive gift to help your Christmas go with a bang – we haven’t met a kid who doesn’t love chucking these snaps around.

Christmas Mouse in a Matchbox

A cuddly toy never fails as a present and this one is particularly sweet. Let your toddler push open the matchbox themselves to find the cute little mouse who’s hiding inside.

Squeezy Snowman

These snowmen will light up any party - when they are squeezed or bumped they flash dazzling lights.


4. Stocking filler games

stocking filler games

It wouldn't be Christmas without there being a good selection of games for the family to get stuck into. Here are our choices of games that will give you plenty to play on Christmas Day...


An easy game for kids to pick up, if you get what we mean?! The sticks are jumbled up and players then take it in turns to remove the ones with their colour on them without disturbing the rest of the pile. Don’t be fooled, the skill-based game is trickier than it looks.

Fuzzy Face Magnet Game

Another game that will get everyone laughing is this Fuzzy Face Magnet one. Using the magnet pen that’s included, you can create silly portraits of each other adding crazy haircuts and out of control facial hair.

Christmas Activity Book

This activity book not only comes with lots of Christmas stickers, but also features puzzles and quizzes to get their little grey cells working overtime. 

Antler Ring Toss

A game for the entire family to have a go at. Take it in turns to wear the inflatable headgear and let the rings fly as players try and land them on the antlers.

Blow Football

Introduce football mad youngsters to this old school classic. The rules are simple - you have to blow the ball into your opponents goal, and stop them from scoring in yours. Clear your biggest table and let battle commence. 


5. Chocolate stocking fillers

angel chocolate

As mentioned above in the Traditional Stocking Fillers section, chocolate coins are a must-have item in any stocking, but there are more chocolatey options to consider adding to the mix…

Chocolate Angels

These angelic chocolates are a lovely stocking filler and will also look great on the Christmas tree. 

Nutcracker Net

These chocolates in the shape of Nutcracker soldiers are a lovely nod to the quintessential Christmas ballet. 

Chocolate Santas

The sweetest Santas you can imagine - these chocolates are filled with a delicious milk creme filling. One will not be enough!


6. Stocking fillers for outdoor adventures

Phone camera accessory

A selection of mini-gadgets and accessories that your child will be able to make the most of when he or she heads out into the great outdoors.

Phone Scope

This accessory will turn any mobile phone camera into a magnifying glass, letting the user see the world right up close. Perfect for when you take them out bug hunting!

Le Bicycle Pocket Torch

Every kid needs a trusty torch for under the covers reading and camping trips - this one is super bright and comes in a stylish chrome finish

Nature Trail Binoculars

Children love having their own set of binoculars for spying birds, squirrels and other animals when out and about, and this set, which is foldable and features a focusing wheel, will be a great addition to their adventurer’s kit.


A good stocking filler to team up with the binoculars – your child can learn map reading skills and work out the way home, all without the aid of Google Maps!

7. Funny stocking fillers 

Christmas is all about having a good time and, with the difficult year we’ve all just had, this time around we should try and enjoy the festive season even more than usual. Here are our picks for Christmas stocking fillers guaranteed to raise a smile.

Christmas Photo Booth Kit

This set of festive photo booth props will be a great stocking filler to help you take some silly family photographs throughout Christmas Day. 


It doesn’t matter how old you are, kazoos are a hilarious musical instrument to try to play. Get one for each member of your household and play a game of post-Christmas dinner Guess That Tune.

Grow Your Own Shark

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water… pop this mini shark in water and then watch it grow and grow over the following days.

Plush Hanging Elf

Put this happy little fella in your child’s stocking and then encourage them to find surprising and funny places to hang it around the house to surprise the rest of your household.

Our stocking fillers selection doesn’t end here. Go to our website to shop for more gifts for your little Christmas stars, and browse our themed Christmas decorations, tableware, personalised cakes and games. We’ve got Christmas covered!

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