14 Fun Activities for a Kids' Party

The date’s set, the invites have been sent out, and you’ve got your party nibbles in order. Now all that’s left to do is find several fun and engaging ways to keep a room full of kids entertained for a few hours. No pressure there, then. While a game or two of pass the parcel may suffice for five minutes, it’s just not going to cut it for the whole afternoon. Cue our ingenious activities that will actually keep kids happily amused – and may even make yours a party to remember!

Play dress-up 

Will they enter a magical kingdom dressed as a knight? Or will they transform into a cute, fluffy animal that happily hops around the party venue? Whatever your kids are into, you can create a world of imagination by setting a dress-up theme beforehand or by placing fun costume props around the room.

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Create a selfie station 

Design a selfie station worthy of their TikTok feeds with playful props and themed decorations. Go all out with bright balloons, sparkly streamers, statement signs and oversized photo frames. Or keep it cute and colourful with unicorn themes and adorable animal props.

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Have a dance-off 

Dim the lights, cue the music and have kids doing their best moves by staging a dance-off. It’s a sure way to get everyone in the party mood (adults included), especially when you throw in disco lights and a music playlist so good, nobody will be able to resist a boogy.

To get smaller legs moving, consider a giant piano mat that plays music as they hop along the keys! 

Play punch pong 

It’s the kid-friendly version of beer pong, and a fun way to get everyone involved. Start by placing punch-filled cups at either end of the table and splitting kids into two teams. Then, the aim of the game is simple: take turns to throw the ball into the opponent team’s cups, and whoever gets the most in wins! 


Get creative with face paints 

Transform little faces into roaring lions, angelic fairies or something else when you set up a face-painting station at your party. If that sounds too messy, consider easy-to-apply face and nail stickers instead.  


Send them on a treasure hunt 

There’s nothing like the promise of treats to fuel their excitement – plus, you’ll get to sit back for five minutes as they hunt around for goodies! You can keep it as simple as you like by hiding sweets or miniature toys, or create a trail that’ll have them searching for hours, with cryptic clues and mind-stimulating challenges.

Play piñata 

A game that involves a relentless amount of energy and a bucketload of treats? We have a feeling piñata is going to be a hit at your party. Take a look at some of the ones we have on offer, from hanging rainbows to shimmering stars

Make a flower crown 

Hosting a fairy-themed party? Top it off with flower crowns, made by the little party fairies themselves. You’ll need a good supply of faux flowers and a wire garland to attach them to – we’d also highly recommend a light sprinkling of glitter for extra magic.

For inspiration, take a look at our pink blossom crown.

Chase the bubbles 

Send them into a world of wonderment with a fun-filled game of chase the bubbles. It’s the perfect way to get smaller tots smiling as they shuffle around trying to pop the bubbles! 

Stomp balloons

It’s not a party without balloons, so why not make the most of them with a fun-filled game that involves bursting them? There are various ways to play it, the first being a last-person standing challenge where players run around the room trying to pop the balloons tied around each other’s ankles. The team or player with the most un-popped balloons is the winner. 

Alternatively, you can place written challenges on paper inside the balloons, to add an extra level of suspense to the game. Whatever way you play, it’s a sure way to tire them out. 

Get a games mat 

Clear some space in your living room or take the party outside to set up a games mat. Games like larger-than-life checkers, action-packed Twister or good ol’ hopscotch are sure to keep them occupied for a while. 

Discover our Alice in Wonderland games mat, which includes classic challenges such as chess, pachisi, checkers and tic tac toe.

Pass the parcel 

You can’t beat a good ol’ game of pass the parcel, especially when you choose a selection of tantalising treats to fill the parcel with. 

Ace an activity sheet 

With engaging illustrations, colouring-in challenges and games that get young minds thinking, an activity sheet will have the party sitting peacefully for a while. Phew. 

Discover our dinosaur and space-themed activity sheets.

Move over, traditional tag games. This fun-filled twist on the game involves kids wearing paper animal tails, which other players can pinch! It's sure to get a few giggles as the party animals scuttle around looking for someone to ‘tail tag’.  


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