How to make no-bake chocolate cheesecake

We asked Masterchef semi-finalist Theo Michaels to share his recipe for No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake, as featured in his Kids' Lockdown Cookbook 

It's easy and delicious which is a great combination, if you ask me.

Serves 4


    • 500g cream cheese
    • 300g Nutella
    • 100g digestive biscuits
    • 6 tbsp melted butter
    • 1 tbsp sugar
    • Pinch salt
    • Chopped nuts for decoration


    • Mix the melted butter and digestive biscuit crumbs together with the sugar until fully combined then place in a cake tin and press down to level and compact.
    • Reserve in the fridge to harden.
    • Mix the Nutella, cream cheese and a pinch of salt together until fully combined then gently spread over the biscuit base. Sprinkle with chopped nuts to decorate, and store in the fridge to firm up for a minimum of two hours or overnight.

    You can see Theo and his kids make the cheesecake in this video.

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