Children’s Party Ideas: Mermaid party

Is your child keen to make a splash with their birthday party? A mermaid-themed celebration party is just the way to do it. Read on for an ocean’s worth of inspiration to help you plan a mermaid party that is guaranteed to go swimmingly…

Fancy dress

When sending out invitations, ask the children to come in fancy dress. Make the dress code ‘mermaid/under the sea’, so you will not only end up with a number of little mermaids and mermen, but also a shoal of other mini sea creatures darting around.


Mermaid party

Set the scene

First impressions are absolutely vital. You want to make your child’s guests feel as if they’re stepping into an underwater world when they arrive. So, as well as decking out the main party room and outdoor space with decorations from our Mermaid range, fill the entrance with balloons, garlands and more to evoke a magical coral reef corridor. Violet and blue ombre balloons, Mermaid Shine banners and hanging cutouts, and iridescent tassel garlands will all help you achieve this effect.

Top tip: Set up a pastel balloon arch and sparkly blue fringe curtain on the doorway to the party, which will add a real touch of mermaid mystery for the kids as they make their entrance into the party.


Under the sea arts

Craft activities can be the perfect way to keep little ones occupied and quiet during a party (at least for 10 minutes or so!). There are plenty of mermaid and sea-themed arty tasks you could set. We love these mermaid dolls made from toilet rolls and coloured paper. You could also get the kids to have a go at some shell art – ideas here include shell necklaces, shell crowns and painted shells. You will, of course, need a whole load of shells, so take the opportunity ahead of the party for a day trip to your nearest beach to do some collecting. Whatever the kids make, they will go home with a wonderful keepsake.

Top tip: For a no fuss craft activity, buy our Mystical Mermaids colouring posters – whack them down with a load of colouring pencils, paints and felt tips, plus glitter, tissue paper and stickers and let the children unleash their creative sides!

Mermaid’s cove

Create a mermaid’s cove at the heart of your party venue, which can be a base camp for all of the party’s main activities. Whether you’re inside or outside, build a den or put up a teepee, adorned with a personalised mermaid balloon bouquet and ‘Happy Birthday’ banner, for the cove’s ‘cave’, then lay out cushions and rugs for the kids sit on, and, if your party is in the garden, set up a paddling pool ‘lagoon’ for everyone to cool off in. The children can eat their party tea in the den, do their craft session in it and play games around it, too. The cove can be the ‘homey’ for a ‘shark attack’ version of tag and you could hang a 'pin the tail on the mermaid' on the side of the den. If you have any old potato sacks, play a ‘mermaid’s tail’ version of a sack race. Dye the sacks green and stick on shells, if you’re feeling particularly creative.  

Top tip: If it’s a hot day and you’ve got the paddling pool out, why not really help the children make waves with some water games? We’ve got a blog packed with the best water games for kids to play – give it a read here. If the Great British weather is unkind (and you should definitely have a wet weather plan!), set up the indoor den close to where your TV is. This could double as a sea-bed cinema, with The Little Mermaid as the main feature, naturally.


Mermaid cakes


Mermaid cake 

When it comes to designing your mermaid cake, as usual with novelty bakes, head to Pinterest for inspo. You could go for a beach and sea scene with a sugar paste mermaid, fish and other sea creatures sitting on top of the cake, or a cake shaped like a mermaid’s tail. Whatever mermaid cake you go for, make sure you put it pride of place on the party table. It will be well complemented by tableware from our Mermaid collection – we absolutely love these shell paper plates and napkins, and scalloped cups. This tableware will bring some shine to the proceedings, especially with these mermaid tail hats.

Top tip: If you aren’t an expert baker, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with shop-bought cake. So, rather than worry about recreating a show-stopping bake in a mermaid design, keep things very simple. A cake with simple blue icing or one of our personalised mermaid cakes will look fab, and you can add an easy mermaid touch with these cake toppers.


Mermaid treasure

Wave all the partygoers off with their very own mermaid box packed with hidden treasure. Our party bag filler range has lots of great mermaid stuff to pick from, including, shell mirrors, hair bands and stationery sets.



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