How to throw the ultimate sleepover party

As much as we may all hate to accept it, the time comes when kids simply grow out of the adorable, themed parties they loved so much when they were little. That doesn’t mean the magic is over, but it does mean that it’s time to think differently... A pamper party is a great ‘next step’ for older children who want to feel treated and special, and it’s an ideal teenage birthday party idea, too.


Party Invites

Make this party magical from the start by announcing the pamper party theme on a specially designed invitation. Include a sneak peek spa menu, outlining what treatments party goers can expect on the day, and if you’re planning on making it into a sleepover, provide a checklist of must-bring items such as slippers, PJs, a dressing gown and an eye mask (or you could provide these on arrival).


Pamper Party


Party Set-up

Arrange your home into different pamper party ‘zones’ - a spa/treatment area with plenty of cushions strewn around and some magazines to read; a manicure station where guests can do their nails (or each other’s), and a snack area with lots of refreshments (see below for ideas). Make the room look magical with glitter bunting, garlands, decorative fans and, of course, balloons, and if the weather’s nice set up an outdoor chill-out zone decorated with some fairy lights and paper lanterns where tired out partygoers can sit under cosy blankets with a marshmallow-topped hot chocolate.



Speaking of hot chocolate, there are plenty of drinks ideas that will make an at-home pamper party super special. First, get some infused water on the go for that all-important hydration hit - fill some Kilner drinks dispensers with chilled water and fresh mint and cucumber, lemon and orange, or blueberries and raspberries, and stack some pamper party themed cups alongside. Smoothies are another great bet - check out these recipes for a selection of fruit and veg-packed favourites, and think about offering some exotic fruit juices in carafes too, which can be mixed by guests to create bespoke blends.


Popcorn boxes


Party Food

Stick with the spa theme by offering lots of fresh fruit, mini wraps filled with cream cheese and cucumber, and crudites with dips, then bring the indulgence with a wow-factor centrepiece such as a chocolate fondue or fountain to add a real sense of occasion. Cake is another must, and a personalised sponge will add an extra special touch. Alternatively, how about baking some cupcakes to arrange prettily on a stand? Lay the party table with our Pamper Party plates, napkins, and cups, and mark everyone’s seat with a personalised name tag to really set the scene for a scrumptious spa supper.


Pamper Party Activities

It’s not a pamper party without some serious pampering, so here are some simple ways you can recreate the spa experience at home:

-        Foot spas! Remember these? Well, now’s the time to introduce your child and his/her friends to everyone’s favourite 90s beauty fad. If you don’t have an old foot spa knocking about under the stairs (and we suspect several of you may) a simple hack is to fill some plastic bowls with warm water and bubbles. Have plenty of towels to hand for drying freshly soaked feet, and some cosy socks at the ready too.

-        Face masks. There are tons of recipes for DIY natural face masks which are great for kids. Slice up some cucumber to place on eyelids and provide some towelling headbands or hair wraps to complete the spa ‘look’.

-        Mani/pedis. Set up a nail station (be sure to cover the area with a tablecloth!) with a selection of child-friendly, non-toxic nail varnishes as well as toe separators for the ultimate pamper party activity.

-        Hair makeover. This can be as simple as a French plait or bunches, tied with some Pamper Party hair ties. As long as what they leave with is different to what they arrived with, it’s job done. For older children, you could even do some brightly coloured (and temporary!) highlights. Probably best to check with the other parents first, though…

In addition to the beauty treatments, provide some dressing up clothes and encourage the kids to put on their own fashion show, or hand out some pamper party props for a selfie session in front of a balloon arch (this will be even better if you have a Polaroid camera). Alternatively, set up a mini-cinema with floor cushions, popcorn and snacks for a movie screening session (great if it’s a sleepover), or arrange some bath bomb making - not only is this a fun way to keep partygoers occupied, it also provides a fab memento of the occasion.


Pamper party pouches


Party bags

Send each guest home with a ‘pamper pack’. Fill pamper party themed party bags with beauty-related treats such as hair bands, a little mirror, and a natural lip balm, as well as some sweets that fit the theme (cherry flavoured jelly lips get our vote), for a lovely reminder of a truly gorgeous party.

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