Children’s Party Ideas: Space Party

Three, two, one...we have lift off! For a kids’ birthday celebration that’s truly out of this world, you can’t do much better than a dazzling space-themed party. From the balloons to the party bags, it’s so easy to create a sense of wonder and adventure with this theme, and you can even incorporate the screening of a classic sci-fi movie into the day as a low maintenance means of keeping your mini-astronauts entertained.

Space party invites

Set the tone early with invites that create a real sense of anticipation and adventure. Instead of inviting each child to a mere party, how about wording it to say they’ve been chosen to attend an astronaut training programme, visit a space station, or join a mission to explore a newly discovered planet? Use a rocket-shaped template to cut invites out of coloured card and metallic pens to write on them.

Fancy dress

The scope for fancy dress at a children’s space party is huge. The key is to make it easily achievable and give guests the option of attending in something simple, such as a space-themed T-shirt, or going all-out with a full-on astronaut, rocket or alien outfit, either homemade or shop bought. 

Space themed decorations

Get ready to transform your living room into a space station or faraway planet with the help of some space-themed kids’ party decorations and accessories. This is not a time for restraint - go all out and create a scene that will transport partygoers to a world that’s a million light years’ away with rocket balloons, star-filled balloons and balloon astronauts. If you have room, set up an area for exploration by pinning this starry night backdrop on one wall and hanging some paper planets in front of it, then create some rocky planet terrain (a den covered in a Mars red or stone-coloured sheet) for partygoers to navigate.

Top tip: Get the room looking great and encourage guests to reach for the stars, quite literally, with this dazzling silver star piñata.


Space party tableware


Party food and cake

Exploring space is hard work, so create a suitable spread for hungry astronauts and aliens with star-shaped sandwiches (use the cutters for cookies, too), space-themed snacks (Space Raiders are a no brainer), and fruit and marshmallow rocket kebabs. Serve them up on rocket-themed tableware on a table covered in planet decorations and confetti.

Top tip: For the ultimate kids’ space party treat, buy some genuine astronaut food from the Science Museum to give your guests an idea of what life in space really tastes like.




When it comes to the cake, this personalised rocket cake is sure to delight any budding space explorer, or make your own and add these incredibly cute space candles to make it fit the theme. Cupcakes are another great call - place them on a rocket-shaped treat stand to make a striking space party centrepiece.


Space party activities


Activities and games

A space themed party is a great excuse to get creative when it comes to activities - these space age activity sheets will provide plenty of colouring fun, as will these space colouring mugs, which make for a great party treat to take home. If the weather’s good, set up an ‘astronaut training session’ outdoors - essentially a circuit of activities such as star jumps and other easy exercises - or organise a space-themed scavenger hunt (read our guide to arranging these here) for an action-packed adventure. If you’re staying indoors, why not set-up a ‘space cinema’ and let the kids watch a space-related movie such as Star Wars, Wall-E or ET? Make the room as dark as possible (provide some rocket lights so everyone can still make their way around safely), hand out popcorn in some rocket-shaped treat boxes, and enjoy the peace and quiet (while it lasts…).

Top tip: Hold an intergalactic disco with a space-themed soundtrack of songs such as Life on Mars, Rocketman, Outta Space, Man on the Moon and Across the Universe.

Party bags

Send your little astronauts back down to earth with a party bag filled with space-related gifts for them to remember their mission to the stars. Kaleidoscope, temporary tattoos and colouring pencils from our Space Age range will help make sure each child has a special memento of a truly cosmic day.



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