Children’s Party Ideas: Construction Party

A children’s construction party is a great bet for a day that’s full of fun and creativity. Set the tone with decorations and fancy dress, then encourage the kids to get stuck into some serious building work – stopping for a tea break every now and then of course…

Party Invitations

Build a sense of anticipation by sending cute invites that match the theme. Draw out the shape of a spanner or hammer to use as a stencil and create some basic invitations out of coloured card. Alternatively, use an online platform such as Canva to create a cool digital invite that matches the theme.

Builder fancy dress

Fancy dress

Asking kids to come dressed as builders is an excellent way to emphasise the theme, and it's not as complicated as it sounds. It could be as simple as wearing a hi-vis waistcoat (surprisingly useful away from the party setting too) or bringing along a toy toolkit. Alternatively, you could dress up the birthday boy or girl in a builder costume from our new Construction collection and supply guests with a little paper hard hat when they arrive.


It may seem strange/terrifying to turn your home into a demolition site before the party has begun, but stay with us, because there’s tons of fun to be had with this theme… Cut some large triangles out of yellow card and use a black marker pen to turn them into 'hazard' 'kids at work' or 'no entry' signs to place on doors. Match the colours with black and yellow party balloons tied to these balloon weights to set the party mood, and think about ways you can clear the room/area where you’re holding the party to maximise space for ‘building’.

Food and drink

You can carry the construction party theme all the way through to the food easily. First, set up the table to fit the building party theme with our Construction collection paper cups, dumper truck plates and cement mixer napkins, with straws or cutlery in a tub labelled ‘tools’, and drinks dispensers labelled ‘wet paint’. Lay the table with party food presented in imaginative ways - bowls of crisps labelled ‘nuts and bolts’, ‘cement mix’ hummus, and mini doughnuts as ‘spare digger wheels’.

Construction cake

Party Cake

You could commission a cake in the shape of a toolbox or digger but making one that fits the construction party theme isn’t complicated. This digger cake is relatively simple and incredibly effective, or use our Construction cupcake kit to make a pile of sweet treats to stack up in the middle of the birthday table (these make great party favours, too). Builders’ biscuits will also make for a fun construction party snack – this construction themed cookie cutter set contains a great variety of shapes and is perfect for making digger digestives or shortbread saws.

Construction Party Activities

The possibilities for construction party activities are almost endless, and literally anything to do with building goes. To get started, why not set up a Lego station where kids can get creative, or provide the materials (toilet rolls, cereal boxes and egg cartons are all great) for a junk modelling session? Remember to protect your table with something suitably hardy, like this colourful table covering, if there’s going to be paint involved! Challenges are also a great idea and will get guests really thinking  –  the spaghetti marshmallow challenge is a hoot and provides real insight into the design process. If the weather’s good, get everyone outside for a spot of den building or, if you have a sandpit, provide buckets and spades for river, dam and sandcastle construction.

Party Games

Adapt popular party games to fit the theme. Try musical ‘builders’, with a soundtrack including the Bob the Builder theme tune, London Bridge is Falling Down, We Built this City, Another Brick in the Wall and any other construction-themed tunes you can think of, or go for a ‘pin the nails on the hammer’ game. Jenga is another great bet that fits in with the theme, can be played in teams and is relatively low maintenance, or how about setting up skittles with a ‘wrecking ball’ to knock them down with?

We hope you enjoy your construction party! Please tag us in any photos on social media @partypieces and with the hashtag #MyPartyPieces so we can see what you come up with!


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