Children's Party Ideas: Gymnastics

Excuse the pun, but if you’re looking to bend over backwards to make the budding gymnast’s party super-special, you’ve come to the right place. It’s one of our favourite themes, meaning we’ve got plenty of party tricks up our sleeves to help you create a flipping (again, pun intended) great celebration for them.

The Warm-Up: Decorations 

Get top marks for execution when you use gymnast themed garlands, colourful balloons and shimmering streamers to decorate your venue. Young acrobats will love seeing these themed decorations around the room – plus they could even hang them up in their room after the party. 

If they’re celebrating a birthday, our Personalised ‘Happy Birthday’ banner will bring that extra-special touch to the decorations. 

The Main Routine: Activities 

Chances are, you’ll have a room full of energetic acrobats to keep entertained, so it’s worth coming up with a few high-octane activity ideas to see them through the afternoon. Some gymnastics venues let you hire them out for kids’ parties so it’s worth checking your local facility to see if this is an option. If not, some good old-fashioned games should provide enough entertainment at home. We’ve listed some of our tried-and-tested favourites below: 

  • Hula hooping
  • Musical statues (with gymnastic poses only!) 
  • A balance beam: a safe and easy option is by sticking masking tape to the floor to create a line for kids to balance and walk along 
  • Limbo, aka the ultimate test of flexibility!
  • Make your own medals. Set up a crafting station for kids to make their own personalised medals, using ribbon and either old CDs or clay. If they aren't the crafty type then you can hand them out.

The Grand Finale: Snacks

All that somersaulting and tumbling makes for hungry work! Refuel ravenous acrobats with some yummy themed treats, such as gold medal cookies, balance beam sausages and (party) gymnastic rings. Serve these alongside gymnast-themed plates, cups and napkins to really pull out all the stops at the nibbles table. But for the ultimate grand finale? It has to be these wonderful gymnast toppers, perfect for popping into cakes, cheese cubes and more! 


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