Children's Party Ideas: Farm Yard

Farmyard parties are always a hit with toddlers and younger children. This theme is colourful, age-appropriate and full of animal characters they’ll instantly recognise, making it super engaging and stimulating. 

We’ve made it easier than ever to create a fun farmyard party from top to toe, with a range specially dedicated to this theme, as well as some handy tips on pulling it all together. 

Farm Party Food Ideas 

Eggs (the chocolate kind) and all things fruit and vegetables are your go-tos for snack time. You can make them look more appetising by placing veggies such as carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes on a faux grass patch, allowing guests to ‘pick’ their own. Party-goers can place them on farmyard-themed plates or collect them in little wicker baskets.

Collect old egg crates before the party, so you can use them to display choccie eggs, rounded cake pops or any other egg-shaped treats. If you’re serving sandwiches, why not pop them onto the back of a toy tractor to resemble hay stacks? 

Another snacktime favourite is a sweet stand. To stick with the farmyard theme, pick egg sweets, milk bottles and the British favourite Percy Pigs and his Farmyard Friends.

Farm Party Activities 

It’s not a party without some good old-fashioned games to keep the little ones entertained. You can put a farm-themed spin on a range of different activities – for example, use paper animal tails to play a game of tag, or select farm animal cutouts to play pin the tail. 

Other popular games that work with this theme include hook a duck, apple bobbing and egg hunts. After all the fun and games, settle guests down to a sit-down session, where they make animal sculptures out of scrap paper and materials or have a go at potting their own plant. 

Farm Yard Party Decorations 

Haystacks, faux grass and hessian are a great way to bring some of that rustic farmyard style to your party. Plus, they’ll will make a stimulating sensory experience for younger tots and toddlers. 

Complement these textures with some friendly farmyard faces via cutesy hanging garlands, confetti and table decor. A touch of red and white gingham here and there will also help to capture some traditional country style. 

And of course, no celebration would be complete with balloons – scatter some around your venue, create a showstopping display with an arch or place a farm-themed bunch next to the birthday boy or girl’s chair to make them feel extra special on their big day. 


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