Children's Party Ideas: Rainbow

Celebrate life’s brighter moments in the most joyful way possible: with our rainbow-themed party props. They’re the missing piece to the puzzle when it comes to creating a party full of colour, vibrance and cheer – and will certainly put a smile on your little cherub’s face! 

Cue all things bright and beautiful…

Red and yellow and pink and green… We knew that catchy childhood song would come in handy one day. Use it as the inspiration for your party theme, mixing up all things bright and vibrant. An array of primary-hued balloons is a great place to start. Then, keep going with the decorations to achieve your striking rainbow theme – think colourful bunting, hanging pom poms and a scattering of confetti. It’s a case of more is more this time. 

Celebrating a birthday? Our Happy Birthday banner is just the thing.


Get ready to eat the rainbow 

This is the fun, no-kale-required way to eat the rainbow, and it involves a heavy dose of colourful dinnerware. Rainbow paper plates, cups and napkins bring a burst of vibrance to the celebration table – and make your nibbles look all the more colourful. It doesn’t have to stop there, either; we’ve got bright-hued serving plates, multi-coloured candles and cake toppers that’ll rival the Great British Bake Off’s.

Chase the rainbow fun 

Now you’ve got your decorations and celebration table in order, it’s time to think about how you’re going to entertain a room full of children. Fear not, we’ve made it easier than ever with these props, activities and ideas. 

Piñatas will be a hit with high-octane party-goers, as will a good ol’ game of ‘keep the balloons in the air’. 

A treasure hunt is another party favourite – why not make yours rainbow-themed and hide a pot of gold coins, with clues to lead the way? 

Or for something that’s sure to get a few laughs, set-up a rainbow-themed jokes station. Some of our favourites include: What does rain wear to a fancy dinner party? A rainbow-tie. And: What did the cloud say to the rainbow? Thank you for adding colour to my day.


Prefer pastels? 

For a softer take on the rainbow theme, we got a whole collection dedicated to pastel party gear. You’ll find tableware, decorations and personalised props, all in sugary sweet shades. The best bit? Most of the items in this range are eco-conscious, meaning you can recycle them after use for a more planet-friendly way to party! 

Discover the full pastel range, as well as our other rainbow-themed collections.


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