8 Roarsome Activities for a Dinosaur Party!

Grab your adventure gear and get ready to create a prehistoric party land with our line-up of dino-themed activities. From archaeological digs to Jurassic hat-making, these fun-filled pursuits are sure to leave a lasting footprint on your guests’ party memories!


1. Set up an archaeological adventure

Have kids channelling Indiana Jones when you set them off on an archaeological dig! You’ll need a large container full of sand and mini dinosaurs to bury within it. Provide kids with paintbrushes and trowels so they can forage their way through the sand to uncover the treasures!


 2. Create a Jurrasic Park treasure hunt

Dinosaurs are on the loose and it’s your job to find them! Re-enact this legendary film by placing dino-themed objects around your venue, giving budding palaeontologists clues to help them find the mischievous dinosaurs! Our dinosaur footprint stickers will add to the excitement as they lead the way through the trail. And the prize for finding them? We’re certain a dino treat box full of goodies will reward them for their efforts. 


3. Make a dinosaur party hat

It’s not a party until everyone’s got their celebration hats on! Give yours a prehistoric twist by adding dino spines. It’s easy to do: simply take your cone party hats, cut a strip of zigzag-shaped paper and stick it to one side of the hat. For more detail, read our hat-making blog. 


4. Hold a Virtual Party 

Can’t party together? Take your guests back to prehistoric times virtually, with a game or two over Zoom. You could create a dino-themed quiz. Or use sites such as Treasure Run to set up a digital scavenger hunt. It will give kids prompts of things to find around the home – you can then customise the game by picking your dino theme and the type of riddle it generates.


5. Give DIY Dino Balloons a go 

To create a Jurrasic adventureland, you’re going to need some roarsome four-legged friends stomping around your venue… Cue these handy DIY dino balloons! Though they may not be quite as ferocious as the real thing, we’re pretty sure they’ll add extra joy to the celebrations!

From a snarling T-Rex to a roaming ​​Diplodocus, discover how to make these fun balloons in our tutorial blog.


6. Attack the Piñata!

These mini piñatas will be dino-mite at your party (quite literally)! Fill them with treats, hang them up and have kids taking turns to hit the pinatas to reveal the goodies inside.


7. Ice some Dino cookies

All that stomping around is hard work – refuel little dinosaurs with some yummy T-Rex cookies. Have kids pick them straight from your nibbles table as a well-deserved snack or set up an icing station so they can make their own dino creation! We’ve added everything you’ll need to create the cookies in our tutorial blog.


8. Adopt a Dinosaur 

Set up an ‘adopt a dinosaur’ table as a memorable parting gift for your guests. Fill it with all sorts of prehistoric creatures – from mini inflatable T-Rexs to cute baby dinos still in their eggs – and have party-goers choose their favourite. You could even go a step further and make adoption cards for guests to sign and make it (almost) official!


9. Get colouring-in with printables 

How could we forget colouring-in printables – the one activity that’ll keep little guests entertained (and quiet) for a while! We've created these free printable dinosaur masks for you and your guests to colour in. Simply punch some holes in them and add string.


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