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Christmas party game ideas

Christmas party game ideas


Christmas is shaping up to be a different to the kind of festive season to the ones we are all used to, but no matter how you will be celebrating, fun Christmas party games for children and adults are a must. We’ve put together a list of games to keep kids happy, adults entertained and even ones you can play online with work colleagues to keep the spirit of the office Christmas party alive. From old classics to new games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy – and get competitive over…


Christmas party games for kids 

 Kids xmas games

Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph 

Give the traditional kids’ party favourite Pin the Tail on the Donkey a festive twist. Get your little ones to help you draw and colour in a Rudolph poster and accompanying red nose. They can then take it in turns to wear a blindfold and try to stick the nose as close to the right position on Rudolph’s face as possible. Use a bit of blu tack or tape for attaching the red nose.

Inflatable Antler Ring Toss 

Continuing the reindeer theme, our Inflatable Antler Ring Toss game is one kids love to have a go at. There are a number of different versions of the ring toss game out there, but this Christmassy one is particularly good fun for kids (and any grown up they can rope in), as they take it in turns to wear the blow up antler horns that the rings are thrown at.

Guess the Object

For kids, Christmas is all about what’s in their stockings, and this heady anticipation can be channelled into a fun guessing game. Take a stocking and place a selection of different objects in it (anything random, from kitchen utensils to bits of fruit), and the players then have a minute each to feel the objects through the outside of the stocking and write down as many of them that they can identify as possible.

Festive Musical Chairs

As with Pin the Tail on Rudolph, turn another children’s favourite into a Christmas party game. The rules to Musical Chairs are simple: everyone dances until the music stops, and when it does players must sit down on the nearest chair. There will, of course, be one chair too few for the number of players, and the person left standing is out. A chair is removed at the start of each round, until there is only one winner. Give the game a Yuletide spin by using Christmas songs as the musical accompaniment – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree always goes down well at Party Pieces HQ!  

Finger Twister 

Kids will love this ‘Twister for fingers’ game. Players spin the wheel on the Christmas pudding and then place their finger on the board on whichever symbol the dial lands on. A tangled mess of little digits will quickly be the result!


Christmas party games for families 

Family Christmas games

Pass the Story

Players sit in a circle and the person who starts the game will be holding a Christmas-themed soft toy such as a Christmas elf. This first player gives the story a festive intro starring the soft toy they are holding: ‘Once upon a time there was a clumsy elf…’, for example. They then throw the soft toy to someone else in the circle who continues the story. Keep this festive tale going for as long as you can, or until the story reaches an exciting natural conclusion.

Santa Hat Family Charades

Charades is perhaps the ultimate Christmas game, and it is one the entire family can play. Split into teams and then take it turns to act out the title of a film, TV programme or book. If your teammates guess correctly you’ll win a point. This Santa Hat Family Charades game, with 200 ideas to pick from, will provide the perfect inspiration.

Classic board games

Christmas is the time of year to dig out the board games, and picking the right one for your family will probably depend on the age range of the players. There are so many good ones to select from - Monoply, Cranium and Cluedo are particular favourites of ours, while Scrabble, Pictionary and Articulate are all reliable choices. Try and avoid getting over competitive – no one wants to see the board getting tipped over by a sore loser!

Christmas Bingo 

Eyes down! Bingo is one of those games that is easy to play for people of all ages, and with this Christmas-themed kit, you’ll be able to get a few rounds in after your Christmas dinner. Just make sure you have some lucky dip prizes ready for the winners.

Christmas party games for adults

Useless Knowledge 

This is a trivia game like no other – it’s packed with ridiculous questions and useless information! It’s a doddle to play: One person asks a question from the question cards and the players have to come up with an answer, with the closest answer winning the card. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins. Questions include, ‘how many miles can you hear a lion’s roar from?’ and ‘how far does a typical banana travel for before being eaten?’ Happy guessing!

Emoji Quiz 

An emoji quiz is a fun to try either as a round in a bigger quiz or as a game in its own right. Play individually or in teams, with the aim being to try and work out the Christmas song or film titles that are ‘spelt’ out by a series of emojis. Either find an existing quiz online, or if someone in your family is a whizz with emojis, ask them to create one.

Two Truths and a Lie

You need nothing to play this game with except a fertile imagination! Players take it in turns to state three things about themselves. Two of these will be facts, the third will be a lie. It’s up to the other players to spot the fib. Players win a point for every lie they manage to get away with.

Sinful Santa

A cheeky Christmas dinner party game that’s strictly for grown ups. Take it in turns to pick a card and read out the rude riddle written on it – the rest of the players have to guess the answer. Maybe not one to play with grandma. 


Christmas party games for work

Work Christmas games

If you can’t have your usual Christmas office do due to coronavirus restrictions, here are a few ideas for games to play when taking your party online – and they’d also be ideal for playing with friends and family you can’t be with in person…

Virtual quiz

During the first lockdown in the UK, virtual quizzes became extremely popular, with Zoom providing the perfect online platform for them. We’ve put together a complete guide to running a successful online quiz, with tips including splitting the question writing duties between the teams and adding a ‘joker’ card that players can use in return for a donation to a designated charity. Zoom’s break out rooms allow for conferring between teammates who aren’t in the same household and, as it’s Christmas, you should add some festive-themed rounds to the mix. Encourage Santa hats to be worn and Christmas decorations to adorn people’s backdrops, too.

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is an easy one to play online, and can be added as a round to your quiz or played as a separate game. Players are told to find an object from around their homes, with points for the player who returns to show it on screen the fastest. You can also award points for those who come second and third, if you are feeling generous. It is Christmas after all! Make the list of objects as wide-ranging as possible from the simple to the tricky. Objects including hand sanitiser, a glass of water and a souvenir from a holiday could all be on the list, and as with the quiz, make it Christmassy by putting things such as baubles, wrapped presents and a sprig of mistletoe on the list.  

Who Am I?

This popular party game, in which players have names of famous people stuck to their foreheads and then have to guess who they are by asking yes or no questions, can be done online. The Heads Up app will allow you and your colleagues to play the game over Zoom, and the app comes with a wide range of categories, including celebrities, superheroes and animals.


So there you have it, our guide to games for Christmas 2020. Whether you are at home playing with family or joining friends and colleagues online, we really hope you find loads of ways to have fun this year. Go to our website for our full range of party games for Christmas, plus our Christmas collections, packed with gorgeous tableware, eye-catching balloons and festive decorations.

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