DIY Animal Balloons

We love a good party craft here at Party Pieces so when we came across the idea of animal-themed balloons we just had to have a go at designing and making our own! They were so easy to make and required hardly any tools so it’s an ideal craft if you’re in a bit of a pre-party rush!

You really can make whatever animal you like so long as you have the right coloured balloons and card/paper. We made a cat, pig, owl, frog, koala and a bear. Once you’ve blown up your balloons and fixed them to your balloon stick, here’s how you can transform them into animals!

Sleeping Owl Balloon

For this cute little owl you just need a blue balloon, balloon stick, two shades of blue paper or card, black paper/card and glue. Start by cutting out all your shapes;

  • pale blue face
  • darker blue circles for the eyes
  • pale blue feathers
  • black triangle for the beak
  • black ‘U’ shapes for the eyes

Start sticking your paper/card pieces on starting with the face, then build up the eyes, add the beak then stick on his feathers!

Happy Frog Balloon

To make this cheerful chap you’ll need a green balloon, balloon stick, sticky tape, glue, pink card/paper, white card/paper, black marker pen and green card/paper. Begin by cutting our all your frog shapes:

  • pink semi-circle for the mouth
  • green tabs for the eyes
  • white tabs for the eyes

Stick on your frog’s mouth and draw two little dots above it for his nose. For the eyes, glue the white pieces on top of the green pieces then draw two black spots inside for the pupils. To attach the eyes to your balloon, put them in place then use sticky tape (landscape) on both sides of the eye to keep the eye upright.

Teddy Bear Balloon

To make the teddy bear you’ll need a bronze balloon, balloon stick, black card/paper, brown paper/card, beige card/paper, sticky tape, glue and a black marker pen. You’ll need to start by cutting out the following:

  • two black circles for the eyes
  • black nose
  • beige circle for the snout
  • brown circles for the ears
  • beige circles for the inner ears

With glue, start sticking on your bear’s features starting with the eyes and snout. To finish his snout add the black nose and use your black marker pen to draw a cute little mouth with dots either side. Stick the inner ear pieces onto the brown ear pieces with glue then secure the ears to the balloon with sticky tape on both sides.

Happy Koala Balloon

For our happy koala balloon you’ll need a silver balloon, grey paper/card, white paper/card, black paper/card, a balloon stick, sticky tape, glue and a black marker pen. Start by cutting out the following features:

  • 2 large grey ears
  • 2 white fluffy pieces
  • black oval nose
  • Black ‘U’ shapes for the eyes

Glue on your koala’s eyes and nose then draw on his mouth with a marker pen. For the ears glue the fluffy white pieces onto the grey ears then secure them to the balloon using tape on both sides.

Cat Balloon

For the cat you’ll need a gold balloon, orange paper/card, a balloon stick, black paper/card, pink paper/card, glue and sticky tape. Cut out the following:

  • pink nose
  • two black eyes
  • 6 black whiskers
  • two orange triangles for the ears
  • two smaller pink triangles for the ears

Glue on your cat’s eyes, nose and whiskers then add a smiling mouth with spots either side. Glue the pink triangles onto your orange ones to form the ears then secure to the balloon using tape on both sides.

Pink Pig Balloon

To make a pig balloon you’ll need a pink balloon, balloon stick, black paper/card, pink paper/card, a black marker pen and dark pink paper/card. Start by cutting out the following:

  • 2 black circles for the eyes
  • pink oval for the nose
  • 2 small black circles for the nostrils
  • 2 pink ears
  • 2 dark pink zigzag shapes to add detail to the ears

Glue the pieces onto your balloon starting with the black eyes and pink nose. Add the black nostrils and use your black marker pen to make the pig’s eyebrows. For the ears stick your zigzag shapes onto the inside of the pink ears and attach to the balloon with tape on both sides.

We’d love to hear from you if you give this party craft a go.


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