Top 10 Party Sandwich Ideas

Sandwiches are an essential ingredient to any party, from chaotic kids parties, to delicate afternoon teas with friends and family!

We’ve come up with some fun and creative alternatives to the traditional tea sandwich which adults and kids will just love! You can be imaginative with different kinds of breads, tasty fillings, and ways of serving them, but here are our top 10 favourite ways to sandwich in style!

1. Finger Sandwiches: 

Although you might think they are boring, at least you know everyone will like them! Be sure to cut off the crusts before serving and have a selection of brown and white bread.

2. Shaped Sandwiches: 

These are really easy to make and are a great way to fit with your party theme using shaped cookie cutters. Create your sandwich as normal and use small cookie cutters to cut out the shapes. Experiment with different spreads and fillings such as ham and cheese, marmite and butter, or smoked salmon and cream cheese. Try and use pre-sliced or spreadable fillings as this will prevent the shapes falling apart once cut.

3. Party Paninis: 

These look great and are a more substantial tea time option. Lightly toast your paninis and fill with shredded chicken, tuna mayonnaise, or cheddar cheese. Garnish with lettuce, tomatoes, or salsa and then slice into child-sized portions. Warm slightly before serving.

4. Rainbow Sandwiches: 

Make a sandwich, alternating between buttered slices of white and brown bread. Fill the layers with contrasting, smooth-textured fillings such as cream cheese, guacamole, and salsa. Cut the crusts off the stack and slice into strips, then bite-size pieces.

5. Party Canapés:

A fun and tasty nibble! Roll the bread with a rolling pin to flatten. Trim off crusts and spread with butter and a tasty spread. Jams, peanut butter and marmite work best for these as they act as a glue when you roll them up. Roll up the bread tightly and cut into mini rolls.

6. Strawberry hearts: 

Place ½ cup of cream cheese, a handful of sliced strawberries and 1 tablespoon of superfine caster sugar into a small food processor. Mix until smooth. Spread strawberry cheese over bread and layer with thinly sliced strawberries. Cut out using a heart shaped cookie cutter. Cover the top of each heart with a thin layer of cream cheese and sprinkle with edible pink glitter to serve.

7. Party Discs: 

Cut out circular bread discs using a small cookie cutter. Fill an icing bag with a tasty dip, such as taramasalata and carefully squeeze onto the circular disc. Experiment with different sandwich fillers or dips and decorate with contrasting garnishes.

8. Frankfurter Pinwheels:

Cut the crusts of a loaf of unsliced bread. Slice lengthwise and roll out to obtain long rectangles of bread. Butter one side and spread thinly with tomato ketchup. At one end place a pre-heated frankfurter (for centre of pinwheel). Roll up firmly over the sausage and seal edge with a little butter. Cut each roll into bite size pinwheels and place onto cocktail picks. For variations use asparagus and cream cheese, banana and chocolate spread or cheese slices and marmite.

9. Mini salsa pittas: 

Place the mini pitta breads in the oven to warm and brown slightly. Fill with a variety of fillings such as cheese, lettuce and tomato salsa. Once filled place on serving tray and pop in the oven to warm slightly before serving.

10. Party Roll-Ups: 

A great alternative to the bread sandwich! Spread guacamole over tortilla wraps and top with any other finely chopped fillings you wish. Roll the tortillas and carefully cut into three rolls. Serve individually on cocktail sticks, or as little finger food! Mexican fillings work great for South American-style parties and these Boho Floral Party Plates are the perfect finishing touch!


    • Small bite size sandwiches are best and easy for children to nibble on.
    • Not all kids are good with spice. Avoid spicy fillings just in case!
    • Have a tempting selection of different shapes and flavours as children love to choose their own party food.
    • Remember that the look of a sandwich will encourage even the least hungry party-goers to have a taste so make them as interesting as possible.
    • Keep fillings simple! It’s less work, and less likely to go wrong.
    • Don’t forget to pick up some party tableware that fits in with your theme!

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