How to make your very own dinosaur balloons

If you’re on the hunt for dinosaur party ideas, look no further! We had a go at making our very own balloon dinosaurs, a pink stegosaurus, purple diplodocus and blue tyrannosaurus… We’re sure the colours probably aren’t scientifically correct, or the proportions for that matter but they look super-cute and would brighten up any dinosaur party! Here’s the tutorial…


Dinosaur Party Ideas – Stegosaurus Balloon

  1. Using a couple of sheets of pink paper or card, cut out two front and two back legs. Remember these guys were most likely herbivores so they don’t have big sharp claws like the tyrannosaurus. Also cut out the head and a short tail.
  2. Draw an eye on either side of your stegosaurus’ head. You could also use white paper or card to form the eye too.
  3. Next take your sheets of yellow paper and cut out 5 pentagons to form the armour on his back.
  4. Blow up a pink balloon to about the size of a football and attach your card pieces.

Dinosaur Party Ideas – Tyrannosaurus Rex Balloon

  1. Using blue paper or card cut out your T-Rex’s mini arms, legs, long tail and head. Remember a T-Rex’s arms are much shorter than its back legs!
  2. Create your T-Rex’s eyes by either drawing them on or creating them out of white card and black pen.
  3. Give your T-Rex his scary teeth by cutting out a long zig zag in white card. Glue this to your T-Rex’s mouth.
  4. Blow up a blue balloon to about the size of a football and attach all your pieces with sticky tape!

Dinosaur Party Ideas – Diplodocus Balloon

  1. Using purple paper or card cut out your diplodocus long neck & head, front legs, back legs and tail.
  2. Give your dinosaur his eyes by drawing them on or use white paper to cut the eyes out.
  3. Blow up a purple balloon to about the size of a football then secure your paper or card pieces with sticky tape!

And there you have it, a trio of cute and colourful dinosaur balloons. We only created three types of dinosaur but you could create whichever species you like! Why not add wings to one to create a pterodactyl? To use your little dinos as decoration try hanging with fish wire alongside bright green foliage and green paper fans.


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