How to ice dinosaur cookies

Step 1 – Outline

To make one big batch of line icing mix together 500g royal icing sugar with 80ml cold water then add your chosen colour. For your dino cookies choose a lime green colour to add to the icing mix. Fill your piping bag with the mixture and squeeze to the end before cutting the tip off. Carefully outline your biscuit with the line icing making sure you leave no gaps or your flood icing will spill out! Leave to dry until the icing is hard to the touch.

Step 2 – Fill

For runny flood icing you simply need to add a couple of splashes of water to get the right consistency, this should just be slightly more liquid than your line icing. We put our flood icing into plastic squeezy bottles which are a little easier to use than piping bags. Carefully fill the centre of your cookie being careful not to allow icing to drip over the lines.  If you have any little gaps simply tap the edge of the cookie until the icing levels out. Leave icing to dry until it’s hard to the touch.

Step 3 – Decoration!

Now for our favourite part, giving your little dinosaur his features! Once dry we added pink scales down his back and a beady black eye. You could also give him white teeth and claws too!

We had so much fun making a whole host of cute cookie characters, keep an eye out for the rest of the collection!


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