Fun Games & Activities to do this Easter

We’re here to help with a guide packed with Easter activities for kids and Easter games for adults to play with their children. Easter egg hunts and egg painting feature prominently and, if you thought fiercely competitive family games sessions were the preserve of Christmas then think again! Read on for our ideas and inspiration to put right at the top of your egg-genda!

Easter games and activities for kids  

Egg hunt

Easter Egg hunt

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without trick or treating and in the same way Easter just wouldn’t work without an Easter egg hunt. Out of all the possible Easter games for kids, it is the one that they love the most (for obvious, chocolatey reasons). Plan ahead and order plenty of chocolate eggs write some tricky clues and map out where you are going to hide the treasure. If you don’t fancy doing it all from scratch, buy one of our Easter egg hunt kits. We’ve also put together a helpful blog, full of tips, hints and ideas for organising the ultimate Easter egg hunt.

Bonnet making

The wearing of bonnets springs from Easter’s Christian roots, and making them at nursery, school and at home has become a tradition in its own right. Making Easter bonnets gives little ones a chance to get creative and come up with something they’ll love to wear throughout the Easter weekend. All you need to do is cut out a band of colourful card that fits round your child’s head, stick or staple the ends together, then add a card lid and brim. To keep it simple, you could also just make the band with some bunny ears and forget about the lid and brim! They can then decorate it with eggs, chicks and daffodils to their heart’s delight.

Egg Painting

Egg painting

Like an Easter egg hunt, egg painting is one of the main Easter activities suitable for kids of all ages – they’ll need some help getting set up and there might well be a bit of mess, but it will definitely be worth it. Before the artistry gets underway, the eggs should either be blown out or hardboiled, and then use acrylic or water colour paints to jazz them up. Use thick brushes for block colours and thin brushes for the detail. You could also dye them in a combination of food dye and vinegar, colour them in with permanent markers or crayons and attach feathers, glitter and stickers to them. For a head start, our Hop Over the Rainbow egg decorating kits come with stickers, pom poms and card accessories (eggs not included!)

Bunny themed games

For some non-traditional Easter games, why not adapt some popular kids’ party games to the occasion? You could suggest your children make a big poster of the Easter bunny, then play ‘pin the tail on the bunny’. Pass the parcel can be played to Easter music, and ‘Easter Bunny says’ is just ‘Simon Says’ with added hop!

Easter games and activities for all the family  

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit baking

Have your kids been inspired by watching Junior Bake Off? Out of all the ideas for Easter activities, baking is one of the most rewarding and could also be done over Zoom with grandparents and other family members who you can’t be with over the Easter weekend. A Peter Rabbit and Friends themed bake is a sweet idea for this time of year. Make cupcakes and use our Peter Rabbit cupcake kit to make them look pretty. Peter Rabbit biscuit cutters will also help make your Easter tea party special for your children. They’ll adore trying the cakes and biscuits they helped make from scratch, and this Peter Rabbit tableware will be the finishing touch.

Egg rolling

An Easter tradition with a competitive spin! The old British version of this pursuit involves rolling eggs down a grassy hill, but you might want to have a go at the American adaptation that sees kids (and big kids) push eggs with a long handled spoon towards a finish line.

Egg and spoon race

If you don’t fancy stooping to conquer with egg rolling, go for the sports day classic of the egg and spoon race. It’s a game everyone loves and all ages can have a go. Will your tactic be fast and furious or slow and steady? We think the latter is usually the best bet for victory. Oh, and keep an eye out for cheating thumbs holding eggs in place!


Do these egg racing games whet your appetite for more friendly – or not so friendly – familial competition? There are many Easter games for adults and children to play together during your ‘at home’ celebrations. Croquet is a seemingly genteel one to play, although given half a chance the kids will take great delight in hitting your ball as far away from the hoops as possible.

Easter Tree


Easter tree 

Decorating an Easter tree is a family tradition that first started in Germany, and it’s a growing trend in Britain now, too. Choose a live tree in your front or back garden or a potted tree for indoors to decorate. Alternatively, buy a White Wire tree from our website. Decorate your chosen tree with whichever Easter and spring decorations you fancy. For our guide to decorating your Easter Tree, go here.


Spring is such a gorgeous season and the ideal time to be out in the garden together. To get things ship-shape, a trip to the garden centre with the kids picking out some blooms will get things rolling and then spend an afternoon or two planting your new flowers, doing a bit of weeding and getting everything tidy.

We hope this guide to Easter games and activities for children and adults alike has provided you with plenty of ideas for how to make this Easter one to remember!


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