How to Organise the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is coming, and that means we’re all going on an egg hunt!

Are you wondering how to plan an Easter Egg hunt at home? If so, our step-by-step guide on how to do a cracking Easter Egg hunt will save you time and keep your children happy – win win! All good egg hunts have one thing in common: careful planning. If your kids love the challenge of having to search high and low for their sweet treats, getting the pre-hunt plans right is vital. 

Read on to discover the best hiding places, the secret to setting fiendish clues and much more.

Happy hunting!

Easter Egg Hunt Essentials

Looking for a quick list of everything you need for the egg hunt? Here’s a breakdown!:

  • Chocolate and sweets (very important)
  • Egg hunt clues and baskets
  • Bunny ears and dress up items
  • Easter hunt decorations


Planning your Egg Hunt 
Choose the date and location

Lent 2023 ends on Thursday 6th April, so plan to do your Easter egg hunt anytime on the Sunday 9th, although lots of parents avoid doing it just before a big Easter lunch, just in case your little ones can’t resist filling themselves up with eggs as they go round. Once you have the time and date in place, pick where you want to do it. If you have a big garden with lots of bushes and plants to hide eggs behind then go for it, or if rain is being forecast, hide eggs around your home for an indoor hunt. 

Easter Eggs Ideas (chocolate and alternatives)

The golden rule is this: always get more than you think you might need to cater for greedy grown ups who want to tuck in! You might want to leave a big chocolate prize at the end of the hunt. You could also hide some non-chocolate Easter egg alternatives for keeping the sugar levels in check: ideas include bunny pinball puzzles, Easter colour-in mugs and bubble wands.

Pick your Hiding Places

If toddlers or small children are involved, don’t hide the eggs too high, and also make sure that there is nothing potentially dangerous – like spiky thorn bushes or stinging nettles – close by. Your kids might enjoy it if you mix it up by hiding sole eggs in most places and a few bonza hotspots with multiple eggs in one place. Have you thought of hiding eggs beneath plant leaves, inside outdoor toys such as cars and buckets, under sun-hats and squirrelled away under shed doors, on top of padlocks and at the foot of chairs?

Choose your Easter egg baskets

Each Easter egg hunter will need baskets or buckets in which to collect their eggs. You could have some fun with your little ones ahead of the hunt by decorating your chosen container with Easter pictures and stickers. Take a look at Party Pieces’ array of Easter party bags and buckets that will also do the trick.

Eggcellent Clue Ideas

One way of doing an Easter egg hunt is to scatter the eggs around the garden or house and simply let the children run wild looking for them. If you would prefer a more ordered hunt (and also eke out the activity to keep them entertained), then you can provide clues – here are a few ideas for how to lead them to the chocolate…

Written Clues

In each hiding place, you could leave written clues as to where the next egg is waiting. The clues could be as easy or difficult as you’d like them to be, for example, the clue, ‘Soil lies here but doesn’t sleep’, will lead to the flowerbed, while ‘I’m coiled like a snake but luckily I’m not a real reptile’ alludes to the garden hose. 

Picture Clues

If toddlers are taking part in the hunt, then make sure the eggs are easy to find by leaving simple picture clues or (time permitting!) print off a little photo and fold it up.


Easter sign posts

If you would like a little extra help setting up your Easter egg hunt, Party Pieces can come to the rescue! Our Easter hunt props kit includes helpful signs to point the hunters in the right directions. Alternatively, use them to decorate your garden or as colourful photo booth props to pose with!

Video clues

Whether you are doing a hunt at home or in the garden, a lovely idea to be there in spirit with grandparents or godparents you can’t be with on the day is by asking them to provide video clues to the different hiding places. You can show your child these videos whenever they are ready to head to the next destination. Give the video-makers the location they need to come up with a cryptic clue for and ask them to send you their recording in time for the day of the hunt, or indeed to read it live via a video call.

Easter Egg Hunt themes and extra decorations

Make your Easter egg hunt a treat for the eyes as well as the tummy by decorating the route with balloons, bunting and any other decorations you fancy. Here’s some inspo for different themes to go with… 

Easter Bunnies

Easter egg hunts wouldn’t be the same without Easter bunnies everywhere you look, and our online store has a plenty of cute rabbit-themed decorations with which to kit out your hunt. An balloon arch will look fab, as will these bunny pom pom balloons and these colourful flocked bunnies. If you’re going to have a picnic before or after the hunt, get some of our Easter Tableware. In case the kids haven’t had enough excitement, why not round things off with a piñata

Peter Rabbit

Keeping the bunny theme to just one bunny is a nice idea, particularly if your child is a big fan of Peter Rabbit. Party Pieces’ Peter Rabbit and Friends range has an exciting selection of products to choose from for decorating your Easter egg hunt. These party bags are perfect for egg collecting, a garland will look great wherever you hang it (indoors or outside). You could also buy some Peter Rabbit and Friends cake toppers and improvise by popping them around the garden for your children to spot.

Go Floral

For a non-bunny related theme, take inspiration from spring and go floral for a wonderful way to enjoy a blooming good Easter egg hunt. Our Very English Rose collection features the perfect pink and mint coloured stripes with blooming roses. Grab our beautiful decorations featuring roses hanging decorations and bunting.

That wraps up our guide to doing the ultimate Easter egg hunt. However you choose to do yours, remember there are no rules and you should let your imagination run wild. We would love to see pictures of your events so please share them on Instagram by tagging us @PartyPieces. 

For our full range of Easter decorations, tableware and chocolates shop Party Pieces.


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