Fun Party Ideas for Toddlers


It’s almost time to celebrate your little one’s birthday, and with it comes a chance to throw them a super-duper party. We’re guessing you’re after something a little more inspiring than the usual cake and party hat bash. After all, your tot has likely gained a new set of interests and skills in the last year, which can make their party all the more fun and interactive. Keep scrolling for our favourite toddler party ideas, from venues to activities.


Decide on your venue

Your Home

Energetic toddlers will need room to move around, so be sure to pick somewhere that’s spacious – and sparse in items that break easily! If it’s your living room, do a spot check beforehand and remove anything that’s valuable or cover furniture if you’re worried about it getting ruined. Likewise, if you’re hosting in your garden, make sure it’s safe and well-secured to prevent little ones from straying!

The Village Hall

If a dozen toddlers running around your home isn’t quite what you had in mind, then try the local community hall instead. You’ll often be able to hire a room out for a few hours for a small fee and, most importantly, you won’t have to worry about all the tidying up afterwards!

The Park 

If the weather is on your side, you could host a picnic in the park with all their friends and respective parents. Browse our picnic collection for all the essentials, from picnic blankets to gingham paper plates. 

Soft play centres 

With slides, ball pits and mazes, a soft play area will be a dream come true for your toddler and their friends. The even better news is that you can often hire them out specially for birthday parties. Use this soft play directory to find your nearest centre.


Choose a theme 

Chances are, your toddler has a favourite character or film they just can’t get enough of, so why not base your party theme around it? Whatever it is, you can carry the theme throughout the celebration, from the decorations and tableware to party bags and even fancy dress costumes. Discover our themed collections below. 

Peter Rabbit

Paw Patrol

Peppa Pig

Trucks & Diggers

Princess Party

Mermaid Party 

Fairy Forest

Flaming Fire Truck


On the Road


Jungle Safari

Party Animal 

Woodland Animal


Plan your Activities

Hosting the party at home or at a community hall? You’ll want to have at least two or three activities lined up to keep lively tots entertained and to cater to their short attention spans. Here are some activities that we’ve found useful: 

Pass the Parcel 

It’s the all-time favourite party game that requires only a few goodies and a roll of wrapping paper to get it set up. For a wide range of prizes, browse our selection of party favours: a sea creature excavation kit, mermaid bath fizzer or ‘learn to stitch’ set are all excellent choices.

Drawing, with a Twist 

If there’s one thing all toddlers love doing, it’s scribbling. Let them channel their creative side by laying down huge sheets of paper on the floor and providing kids with crayons. They can then sit and crawl around the paper, doodling and colouring in as they go.

Face Painting 

Another classic party activity. Stick to your theme with characters from shows such as Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol or let kids choose what they want to be. 

Pin the Tail on the Donkey 

You can buy ready prepared kits for this game or if you would rather make your own, all you need is a picture of a tailless donkey, enough tails for each child, some pins to attach them with and a blindfold. While blindfolded, each child takes it in turns to pin the tail as close to the point where it should be. Alternative spins on the game include Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate and Pin the Tiara on the Fairy.

Musical Statues 

A fun activity and a clever way to tire little ones out! All you’ll need is to fire up a playlist of classic kids' party tunes and get everyone dancing. The one that moves the most is out. Repeat the process until you have a winner.

Sleeping Lions 

After all the excitement, use a game of sleeping lions to calm lively youngsters. The aim of the game is to get toddlers to lay as still as they can, pretending they’re sleeping cubs! You can give a small prize to every child who stays still.


Ideal for younger toddlers, bubbles provide a sensory sensation for curious minds, especially when you go for large, attention-grabbing bubble kits! 

Water activities 

Sun on the forecast? Then why not get the paddling pool out and make the most of the warm weather? Filling it with cold water and introducing other activities like water pistols and water balloons is a fun way to keep little ones cool on hot days. 

You could even set up a paddling pool treasure hunt by hiding items in the water. Fill the pool with inflatable balls to disguise the treasure, then have kids wade around trying to find them!


Hang yours somewhere with plenty of room around it and then let the kids take it in turns to have a whack at it. The piñata will eventually break up and the sweet treats and mini gifts hidden inside it will rain down on the children. When buying your Party Pieces piñata, don't forget to also get a mask and stick kit.

Tail Tag

A fun twist on the classic game, tail tag sees children wearing animal tails around their waist, which other children can pinch while protecting their own! The child with the most tails at the end wins that round.



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