How to celebrate New Year's Eve at home

With 2022 drawing to a close, it's time to start thinking about how to celebrate New Year's Eve. You may be thinking what to do for New Year's Eve or how can I celebrate New Year's Eve at home?

With this in mind, we've created some fun ideas to help make your NYE that little bit more special. We've got ideas on what to do with the kids, fun games and a free NYE printable. Read on for inspiration...

How to decorate for New Year's Eve at home

Welcome 2023 with marvellous decorations and turn your home into the number one New Year's Eve party spot. Create an easy yet stunning party backdrop with this gold New Year Party Decoration Kit, which includes a New Year bunting, six pairs of silly paper glasses, six party horns, three gold star balloons and a confetti push pop.

Create some impact with a personalised balloon bunch featuring a champagne bottle balloon, or this Happy New Year balloon garland. Finish off the set up with this Shooting Star Backdrop - it will create the perfect backdrop for seeing in the new year.

For the adults in the house, set up a 'bubbly bar' to top up refreshments without having to miss out on all the party fun. Set a table aside in the party room and decide what drinks you want to offer. A bottle of bubbly on ice is a good place to start. Set out some champagne flutes on the table along with these black & gold striped napkins and some cut-up fruit on a plate to allow people to customise their drinks.

Alternatively, fill this clear drink dispenser with a signature cocktail to keep the drinks flowing. This Christmas cosmo or this non-alcoholic Christmas punch will do nicely!


New Year's Eve party food ideas

You may be catering at your party (whether it be big or small) but, let's face it, you still won't want to do the washing up on New Year's Day. Our range of stunning black and gold themed tableware is ideal for a quick and easy clean-up and will look wonderfully elegant on the party table.

Lay the table with canapes and finger food to snack on throughout the evening. A good cheese board always goes down a storm. For the sweet-toothed, set up a sweet stand with sweetie jars and scoops.

Kids (and adults) will love this pull-apart garlic bread pizza dip from Delish, it's so good it will be gone in seconds! For dessert personalise one of our fab photo cakes in chocolate or vanilla for something truly special.

New Year's Eve party games and activities

Since we've covered food, drink and decorations, let's move onto games and party accessories... as we all know a party can't be complete without some fun and games.

Confetti Cannons

You can't possibly ring in the new year without a party popper or cannon and they are ideal for marking the start of 2023 with a pop! Simply pull the toggle to fire and marvel as a huge fountain of gold streamers are launched from it. 

2022 Music Playlist

Share the music and ask your family members for their favourite songs of 2022 and create a playlist that will become the soundtrack of your New Year's Eve house party.

Two resolutions and a lie...

This fun game is a twist on the classic 'two truths and a lie' where players have to guess what the other players are telling the truth or lying about. With this game, however, the player will tell their opponents two resolutions they'd like to make for 2023 and one made up resolution. The other players then have to guess which resolution is made up. Simple, yet fun!

Festive Bingo

Keep your guests entertained with this game of festive Bingo. The aim of the game is to be the first player to get five in a row and shout “Baubles!”. Ideal for playing with family and friends over the Christmas period.

What to do on New Year's Eve with kids

Kids love being part of the festivities and knowing there may be a chance to stay up till midnight. Although they might be young it is still important to make a fuss and celebrate the end of the year.

Reflect on the year...

Reflecting on the the past year is a lovely thing to do with your family on NYE, especially the kids. It's a chance to ask them what their favourite memories from the year were, what they achieved, their goals for next year or even noting what their favourite toy from the year was. We've created a reflection card for you and your little ones to complete (download here). Fill them out and read the answers to each other or keep them as lovely memories to look back on.

NYE Countdown

Keep the kids entertained by counting down to the New Year - if they are allowed to stay up that late! Label some party bags from seven to 12 and put a treat inside them, letting the kids take it in turns to open one as each hour before midnight passes. Choose from our range of fun party bag fillers, games or leave a joke or riddle inside to keep the excitement flowing.

Or if they are slightly older, get them to pop each black balloon as the clock strikes 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and 11pm. Welcoming 2023 with a bang by bursting the large confetti balloon last!

Have a NYE Movie Night

Have a cosy evening in this New Year's Eve and turn your living room into a home cinema for the night. Get the kids involved by getting them to make paper movie tickets and letting them pretend to be ushers. They could also make a pillow fort and get cosy with some blankets. Don't forget the snacks, fill these popcorn boxes and snack trays with treats to create the ultimate movie watching experience.

However you decide to spend New Year's Eve, we hope it's a happy one! If you tried any these fun NYE ideas, don't forget to tag us on social media @partypieces

Download our free New Year's Eve printable!

NYE printable


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