How to Party on a Budget

Parties sure have a lot to live up to these days. There are the Instagram-worthy decorations, the elaborate food menus that tick every diet box and the kind of entertainment that makes a funfair look pitiful. Oh, and don’t forget that fancy ice cream maker you’ve had your eye on for a while. 

But chances are, you’re not willing to spend the equivalent of three months’ rent to get the party off the ground. And we don’t blame you. It’s just for a day, after all, and it’ll be over before you can say “party time!”. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be memorable or special. In fact, with a few hacks here and there, you can throw the best bash in town, without breaking the bank.

Keep it to VIPs only 

Let’s be real: do you really need to invite your neighbour from three doors down or your kid’s entire school year? Probably not. More heads mean more money spent, so try to keep it to your nearest and dearest only. 

Celebrate somewhere free

Forget big-budget venues – your home, garden or even a public park are great cost-free ways to celebrate. A few decorations here and there will have your space party-ready in no time. 

On that note, find budget-friendly decorations 

It’s time to get thrifty. Subscribe to mailing lists, set your alarms for sales and always be sure to check for discount categories when shopping online for decorations. Top tip: choose timeless decorations in simple colour palettes that work for all occasions so you can use them party after party. Your bank account will thank you later. 

Or make your own 

Of course, if you’re particularly handy with card paper and a Pritt stick, you could always craft your own decorations. Bunting is a good place to start as it’s relatively straightforward to make and never fails to transform a room from plain to party-ready. 

Forget the fancy food

Nobody will remember your party for the lavish lobster rolls or deviled egg appetisers anyway. So skip the fancy food and stick to cheap and cheerful crisps, sandwiches and other traditional finger foods. 

Another fun and thrifty way to serve up nibbles is by asking each guest to bring a dish. You could base it around a theme, like Mexican cuisine, their signature dish or even a Bake Off-style cookathon! It’s a clever way to get everyone involved and means you can save your cash (and time) preparing the menu! 

Bulk buy your tableware 

We’ve made it easier (and cheaper) than ever to set the nibbles table with our party sets. They include items such as paper plates, cups and napkins, and feature a range of themes to suit your celebration. Choose from toddler-friendly designs such as fairies and woodland animals or keep it classic with rainbow and metallic themes. 

Reuse and repeat 

Before you buy your partyware, take a second to consider its longevity. Is it made of sturdy material? Will it survive a bit of rough and tumble from storage? If so, it’ll make a good investment that you can reuse for many parties to come (and save on your hard-earned cash). 


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