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Nothing quite marks a celebration or milestone like a cake. And what is a cake without accessories? 


From sparkling cake fountains to glittered number cake toppers; whatever the occasion – birthday, anniversary, baby shower, we’ve got everything you need to make sure your cake stands out...


1. Traditional Candles



Ahh, the traditional candle, the symbol of a birthday party. The original candle can come in a range of different sizes, colours and can be theme-specific. Simply pop in the cake, light and make a wish!

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2. Exciting Cake Fountains



Cake fountains are the stars of the cake accessories. They create the wow factor, the pizazz, the oohs and ahhs. Simply place on top of the cake, light, and then marvel as these fountains scatter jets of gorgeous sparkly colour!




3. Cake Toppers



Cake toppers are the perfect decoration for a cake and can be theme-specific. Take the above iridescent mermaid themed toppers. A cute way to tie in your theme. For an adult take on cake toppers try this stunning Rose Gold Let's Party Cake Topper or this Gold Happy Birthday Topper.



4. Numbered Cake Accessories



Instead of tirelessly counting to 40 candles why not use a 40 cake topper or a numbered candle instead? These are a great way to mark a special milestone birthday! Whether the birthday person is or 80 our cake toppers and candles suit all! Pop on top of the cake to celebrate the big day! Shop all our numbered cake accessories here.



5. Cupcake Toppers



Cupcake toppers are great for adding style to your sweet treats and perfecting the minor details of the event. Whether it a baby shower or a pirate party cupcake toppers are a super fun way to tie in your theme!



To see all our fabulous  cake accessories click here. We'd love to see your wonderful cakes styled with our accessories! Don't forget to tag us on social media @partypieces 


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