Under the Sea party ideas and inspiration


The wonderful thing about under the sea themed parties is that they can keep kids of just about any age entertained. You could combine mermaids, sharks and fish, pirates and even our stunning narwhal collection. The colours, the décor and the food can all be brought together in such creative ways, we wanted to share our ideas and inspiration for a fun-filled under the sea themed party. So put on your fins and jump right in!


Under the sea decorations

To transform your venue into an underwater paradise, you’re going to need some sea-themed decorations. Let’s start with the ultimate show stopper, balloon arches. This easy to assemble (with instructions included) pastel balloon arch is a lovely scene setter for your mermaid party and sea-themed party table. For a shark or diving themed party check out our blue balloon arch in all its glory.



How to make a jellyfish lantern

For ceiling decorations turn our stunning paper lanterns in blue, pink or mint into floaty jellyfish friends. You will need to attach crepe streamers in lilac, blue, pink or turquoise to the lanterns with tape, or, for extra sparkle, stick streamers from our iridescent party curtain to the lantern also.





How to make a clam shell pom pom 

Take our tissue paper pom poms and turn them into pretty clamshells by inflating a white latex balloons and attaching them to the middle of the pom poms to symbolise the pearls! Hang these up around the party table or decorate the flooring with them.  


Watch out, shark!

You can’t have a party without balloons! This shiny, giant, easy to inflate helium shark balloon will wow all the baby shark fans at the party. Use as a centrepiece at the dinner table or dot a few of them around the venue. This awesome sea inspired orb balloon will also look fab at your under the sea party.



We also have this awesome iridescent Under the Sea garland featuring frilly foil jellyfish, happy sharks and whales, and cute fluttery fish. It will be a fantastic addition to your undersea event. 


Under the sea party food ideas


Food is the heart and soul of any party or celebration. Creating exciting treats to compliment your party theme is a great way to tie everything together and will thrill your little guests. 

Sandwiches are a staple at any kid’s party, so why not shake it up a bit and use sea-themed cookie cutters to make cute marine shaped sandwiches? You could use a star for a starfish or this charming fish-shaped cookie cutter to take your sandwiches to the next level.

It’s a good idea to have one or two of your five-a-day on your buffet table and these crab-shaped apples (pictured below) will be ideal for your party snack selection. All you need is an apple, a chopping board, a sharp knife and some edible googly eyes!



Moving on to desserts, jelly is always a fun option for the kids. Find a large glass bowl or even a fishbowl to suit the theme and add some blue jelly. Before it sets, drop in some shark and fish gummy bears which you can find in Haribo Phantasia sweet packets or get you flippers on this box of gummy sharks by Trolli. For a more mermaid-esque dessert try out these delicious shell-shaped macarons pictured below by BKRY, which will elevate the theme wonderfully. See here for the method and ingredients to make your own macaron seashells.


Credit: @BKRY


Keep your guests hydrated with this enchanting colour changing mermaid punch. Use our clear Kilner drink dispenser for people to help themselves. Alternatively, fill our milk bottles with your chosen refreshments and hand out to your guests, or fill with a message in a bottle and use for a place setting with your guest’s name clearly displayed.


Now let’s dress the party table. A themed centrepiece is a fun way to keep the party theme flowing. Catch a look at our Pirates Bounty ship centrepiece to add to your high seas adventure. Depending on your theme, we have some sealightful sea-themed party-ware. These shell-shaped plates and napkins or these friendly shark paper plates and fish napkins will do nicely and could even be used for decoration.




Under the Sea Party Games


It’s time for the party games! Of course, the traditional games of pass the parcel and musical statues (or mermaids) are a fun pastime, however, we’ve put together some sea-inspired games to entertain your guests young or old!



Piñatas are a guaranteed way for children to have a smashing time at a party and our mermaid and treasure chest piñatas are no exception. Fill with your favourite treats and let the kids go wild! Don’t forget the piñata stick and mask.


Crab walk relay

If you have space or are near a park, crab race relay will have you giggling so much your tummy will hurt. The game is simple, enlist your team and walk like a crab till you reach a teammate and pass the baton. It's almost impossible to get to the end without a giggle.


Coconut bowling

To make use of your old plastic bottles, fill with water and set up in a tiered triangle just like a regular game of bowling. However, in this case; use a coconut to bowl with!


Nautical Knock Down

Take our game of Tin Can Nautical Knock Down and bring everyone together with this underwater game of aim. Simply stack up the tin cans, grab the beanbags and see how many tins you can knockdown. Perfect for hours of nautical nonsense!


Shell Painting

For a calming party activity with some arts and crafts, lay out a selection of artificial shells and paints and do some beautiful shell painting. 


We hope you enjoyed our Under the Sea themed ideas and inspiration. If you’re celebrating and using any of our products, don’t forget to tag us on social media @partypieces so we can have a look, we love to see you all having fun! Thank you to @nads_bamba_bobbo for sharing the Under the Sea party pics that appear in this blog


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