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Rapid Fill Water Balloon Bunches and Blaster Set


This Rapid Fill Set Includes 100 Self Sealing Water Balloons!  

Speedy, exciting and colourful! Prepare water balloons quickly and easily without the trouble of filling them up one by one with this wonderful set. It comes with 3 bunches of balloons and a blaster that can be used as a pump to fill the balloons or a soaker that throws water up to 9m. Enjoy these water bombs at your next summer party, on a warm afternoon in the garden, or anytime you could do with cooling down.  

Product Details

Pack Size: 3 Bunches (100 Balloons), 1 Filler/ Blaster
Dimensions: 59.9cm x 6.5cm x 19.9cm
Material: Recycled Plastic

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