7 Non-Alcoholic drinks for Dry January celebrations

It’s January and no one is drinking. They’ve overdone it in December and have now decided their body is a temple and not one drop of alcohol shall pass their lips. You should know - you’re one of them! So if you’re celebrating sober this month, here’s our round-up of delicious non-alcoholic drinks to buy now.

Don’t forget that just because there’s no alcohol involved, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the party started with a beautiful bar set up or something even more fun. At Party Pieces we have everything you need to set up your bar, from straws to drink stands to a full-blown Tiki bar!


Pentire is an aromatic non-alcoholic spirit that blends the sibilant flavours of sage, sampire, citrus and sea salt. Mix it up with crushed ice and tonic for a classic sundowner (which in January can be served at around 4pm..!) or make a Pentire Collins by blending with ice, soda, lemon wheels and charred lemon syrup in a high-ball glass. Frosty drink outside? Serve in one our embossed acrylic tumblers instead.




Jimmy’s Coffee Cola

Here’s a different kind of rocket fuel – no alcohol but a big caffeine hit instead! If you already love Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, you’ll love their new sparkling Coffee Cola, made with cold brew coffee. This looks fab served in its retro bottle with one of these rose gold stainless steel straws. It’s guaranteed to fire you up when January’s looking a bit too… dry for your liking.




Jin Jin

How’s this for a healthier-than-thou January cocktail? Jin Jin is a new ‘enzyme cordial’ made from a blend of fermented fruit, vegetables and cultures which claims to boost gut health while giving you a tasty thirst-quencher in the process. Serve with still or sparkling water and a squeeze of fresh citrus for a tipple with a twist. 




Savyll Spiced ‘Rum’ Cola

Savyll’s specialise in great-tasting non-alcoholic cocktails that come pre-mixed in glass bottles or cans. Their ‘Connoisseur’ Collection includes four classic cocktails with a non-alcoholic spin; serve a Moscow Mule or Spiced ‘Rum’ Cola on the rocks and with a side-dish of smoked almonds for a sophisticated sober something.




Sassy Cider 0%

Hotfooting its way over from Normandy, France, just in time for Dry January, Sassy Cider 0% is Maison Sassy’s first non-alcoholic cider. Vegan with no added sugar, this brew has all the punch of the real deal without any of the nasties. Happy days and no hangover!




Thomas Teetotal

Do you love a sour spritz to rev up your appetite once in a while? If you’re sticking to sobriety this January, try one of these alcohol-free Aperitif Spritzes this month instead. Italian style and made with 100% natural ingredients, this is a teetotal tipple you will love. For some extra Mediterranean vibes, serve on these Citrus Drinks Coasters. Chin chin!





Lucky Saint

For a non-alcoholic beer that tastes like actual beer and not just fizzy water, Lucky Saint is your one. With a bottle that doesn’t look out of place at the bar, and a rich, hoppy flavour, you won’t feel like you’re missing out with one of these in your hands. Cheers!


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